Individual Coaching

What if you were happy and satisfied with your body and yourself?

What if healthy choices and self-care were easy & joyful?

How might your life be different?

What would become possible?

Imagine what it would be like to
accept and love yourself completelyRadical Hateloss Life Coaching will lead to greater contentment with your body and yourself.
Imagine what it would be like to live a healthy life that was struggle free and that you enjoyed. Radical Hateloss Life Coaching will help you develop a relationship with your body that will lead you to improved health and wellness.

With Radical Hateloss Life Coaching, your health and your body image will change for the better. With that change will come greater contentment in all areas of your life. Doors will begin to open in places you may not have expected. Imagine what you might accomplish if your health and body issues weren’t in your way.

Where do you start?

Schedule your Sample Radical Hateloss Life Coaching session! This session will not be a sales pitch for coaching but rather
an authentic and personal experience of coaching, which in and of itself will have value for you.

Sessions are done over the phone or via skype.  To schedule your sample session contact Stephanie at /610-308-2507

Stephanie Vincent is a trained in co-active life coaching by The Coaches Training Institute. She is also member of ICF Philadelphia.


Dianne L., a nursing student from from Norristown, Pennsylvania says,
"Stephanie and her coaching helped me with my body image. It's hard to "de-program" set ideas about what's admirable, but Steph got right to the heart of my issues, getting me in touch with my authentic self and my ideas about a healthy body image. We were then able to set realistic goals to work towards."

Cheri W., a CrossFit and weightlifting coach from Jacksonville, North Carolina says, “What I love about life coaching sessions with Stephanie is how she helps me to learn new things about myself. She doesn't trivialize my struggles by simply prescribing a course of action -- "do XYZ to fix your feelings about ABC". She is more like a guide on a journey -- I set the course, and she brings along her wisdom and insight. She has helped me to see myself from a new perspective, and that has been truly invaluable to me.”
Vernice G., a Talent Development Manager from Oak Hill, Virgina says, “As a coach Stephanie is honest, insightful and deep.  I always walk away from our conversations feeling challenged and honored.”
Helen D., a waitress from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania says, "Life Coaching has given me a time every week where I can unload the burdens and stress I carry with me everyday. A time where I can reflect on and observe all the thoughts running through my mind, release the worries. It brings relief and new insight. Stephanie shows me a different perspective, the positive to my negative, and eventually it begins to resonate.”

Leah T., a stay at home mom from Louisville, Kentucky says, "Coaching is like no other therapy I've participated in, and I've tried everything from psychologists, psychiatrist, therapists, couples counselors, self help books, chruch pastors... I've tried it all! And while I may have benefited in some forms from seeking help from those other sources, Life Coaching was something that felt immediate and light and hopeful. I was the one in control of the session and Stephanie was there to facilitate my own personal growth in such a positive manner. It focuses on the present and where you want to go in life, not delving into the painful experiences of the past over and over again to figure out why. Life Coaching allows you to reconnect with parts of yourself you may have never knew existed and learn tools that apply to everyday life that enable you to create the life you desire."

Amber H., a Career Development Coordinator from Syracuse, New York says, I love having Stephanie as a life coach. I feel like there was truly a reason she came into my life and I think we are well matched. I have so much respect for her in her journey and feel very supportive having her guide me in my own journey. I love sharing energy with her in sessions and feeling such a dynamic connection with someone while finally moving forward on the journey to love myself unconditionally.

Ely D. from Bulgaria Says, It is really easy to work with her, even the language barrier was not a problem. She is born to be a coach, she guided me through my suppressed emotion, deepest fears and desires.