Meet Stephanie

Stephanie came into this world like other babies, healthy and happy. Somehow between birth and age 9, she developed a “weight problem.” She was encouraged to go on her first diet in the fourth grade. She spent her elementary and middle school years as the token fat girl. By 7th grade she weighed more than 300 lbs.

Most of her attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful. Even her attempts that resulted in significant weight loss ended in failure, including a gastric bypass in 2004, when she was 24 years old and weighed 420 lbs. In the year and a half following her surgery she lost 160 lbs but discovered that she was still  not happy. The depression she had attributed to being fat was still there.

Without having weight to blame, the emotional pain felt so much worse. The pain felt too big to bear, so she did what she knew how to do to survive it…she ate. By July 2009 she had managed to gain back over 60 lbs of what she had lost after the surgery. She felt intense shame for regaining the weight. The thought of starting again and failing was unbearable. She hit, as they say, “rock bottom.”

It was at rock bottom that she began to experience life-changing transformation. Through life coaching  Stephanie discovered the power of the present moment.  By embracing the present moment she was able to finally face the emotions that food was helping her to escape. For the first time she was able to truly accept her body and realized that her self-worth and wholeness had nothing to do with her weight. Accepting that as true opened the door for her to finally love herself and begin to act in accordance with that love. The things she used to fight to do, like exercising and eating healthy foods, were suddenly easy to do. Not only did it feel easy, but eating and moving in alignment with self-love brought great joy.

The most miraculous result of her transformation is the joy, ease and freedom she now has with her personal health. However, there are other results. Stephanie lost 100lbs and is in the best shape of her life.  She is passionate about her fitness and is currently competing in Olympic Weightlifting. 

Stephanie is a USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports & Performance Coach/Club Coach/LWC Referee, is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and has completed CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Goal Setting, CrossFit Mobility and Practical Strength for Trainers.

Stephanie is a coach and trainer at CrossFit King of Prussia and is president of Bridgeport Barbell Club.

Life Coaching has had a profound impact on Stephanie's life, and it only seemed fitting that her personal growth led her to become a Life Coach herself.  Stephanie is a Professional Life Coach, trained in Co-Active Coaching by the Coaches Training Institute.  She believes in the power of Co-Active Life Coaching and knows first hand that it as a tool that can change lives, realize dreams and open a person's life in ways they may never have imagined. 

Stephanie always knew she wanted to impact the lives of others, but it wasn't until the radical transformation happened in her own life that she realized just how she was meant to do that.  Stephanie has developed , Radical Hateloss to inspire radical transformations in women's relationships with their bodies, so that they can experience joy, freedom and contentment in physical health and emotional wellness. 

Through Stephanie's  life coaching practice, personal training and writing she hopes to impact not only the lives of women she touches directly but also the future generations of women that their lives touch.