About RH

When transformation happened in my life, it was all I wanted to talk about. I wanted to stand on rooftop and scream to the world – a happy scream! – about the new lifestyle I was creating. It felt miraculous. I decided to put some of my passion into the world. In the fall of 2009 I started a blog.

It needed a title, and I knew that “radical” had to be part of it, since what I was doing felt so different. The changes in me had started to cause weight loss, but that wasn’t what the journey was about anymore. This time it was about learning to accept and love myself. So the term Radical Hateloss was born.
Radical Hateloss has developed into much more than a blog, it has become my life’s work- inspiring radical transformations in the lives of women, by changing their relationships with their bodies. 

I want you  experience the same joy, freedom and contentment in your physical health and emotional wellness- that I have discovered in my life.  I have learned that things that once seemed impossible can become possible.  I want your highest possibilities to come alive in your life, like they continue to do in mine everyday.  

Like many women, you are probably tired of suffering and struggling in your relationship with your body.  What you have been doing to change that relationship probably isn't working. However you know there must be another way of being.  Although your knowing and doing not matching up can feel painful- the dissonance between the two is the first step in the radical transformation that is wanting to happen in your life.  

I am doing this work for the sake of your transformation, to believe in you when you can't seem to believe in yourself, to hold for you the life you're dreaming of living.   It's my greatest hope that you will be inspired  to fully express who you are in the world whether it's though my story,  my writing or the adventure of individual life coaching.

Thank you for spending your precious time with me.

Yours Truly,

Stephanie Vincent
Live, Love, Laugh, Learn & Let Go!