Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fear is not a Liar

They say that fear is  a liar.  People call fear the enemy. Fear is what we must overcome, beat down, triumph over.

But what if we looked at fear another way. What if fear was on our team?

You see fear, does a very specific job. Its objective is simple….it works to keep us safe.

When there is new threat to our system fear jumps to attention, and hollers STOP!

And like the tightness or soreness that lingers in our bodies long past the original injury, fear remembers old pain, it will go to great lengths to protect us from what has hurt us before.

Fear has helped us survive our lives.  Its saved our skin and hearts a thousand times. But like an over protective mother, fears best intentions can sometimes be our determent.

Fear cares nothing about whether the threat to us is real or if it is simply perceived.  Fear knows nothing about the joy or glory that may lie ahead.  Fear doesn't like risk, even when the odds are in our favor.

Fear cannot discern…it does not judge one threat from the other.  The job of discernment belongs to us.  

We cannot live a live absent of fear. Fear will always be part of the human experience… and we should be glad for it.

When our hearts begin to race, when the prickles arise on our skin, when our stomach starts to churn… Fear has already completed its service, we can sit there with it or we can simply acknowledge it and make a choice on how to act.

Do we run the other way to say  and safe or is it in our best interest to keep courageously moving forward into the unknown?

Is the potential reward worth the risk?  Have we prepared to make this move forward? What do we have to lose, if anything at all?

Sometimes the answer is obvious but often times its not easy to decide. The right choice might make logical sense, and may sometimes it may make no sense at all.

If  we do choose to move forward it will take some faith. Faith in our preparation, faith in our capabilities, faith in our bodies, in our minds and in ourselves.

Fear is not liar. Fear is not our enemy. Fear is actually on our side.  Fear  sets off the alarm that will save us from actual danger or to save us from the danger of playing it safe and short changing our lives.


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