Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What are you practicing right now?

I've been thinking a lot about habits.

Without getting into all the boring details I recently I've changed my diet back (not exactly but close) to how I used to eat.  And it struck me how easy it was for me to fall back into the groove.  

I think most people know this but usually apply the idea exclusively to negative habits.  But the truth is a habit is a habit. A well worn path, whether it's to heaven or hell is pretty easy to find.

I guess we can look at this a couple of ways.  We can get frustrated that our bad habits are always there waiting for us or we can feel a sense of relief that even if we have fallen off the proverbial wagon, we can get back on.

Unfortunately we cannot erase the things we have done repeatedly in our pasts.  And we may not want to reach for some of the  so called good habits, as they may no longer serve us as they did before.

But there is something we can do.  We can choose what new habits we form.  Whether we are conscious or not ,what we do now is becoming the habit of tomorrow.  What if we really paid attention to what we are practicing in each moment, instead of finding out on the back end what we have established.

We can do this by being present.  We can do this by asking a simple question…"What am I practicing right now?"

Imagine what we can do when we decide where we invest our action , our time and our effort.  We can align what we practice with what we  love  and value in every single area of our lives.  We get to choose.

"What are you practicing right now?" 

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