Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Warning: If You Lift Weights You May Get Bulky!

If you lift weights you may get bulky. 

You might develop biceps that are way bigger than any girl in a magazine (or the one in your head.)

Your quads may get too big to fit into regular jeans and you'll have to buy  the special kinds for gals with curves. 


If you lift weights you may stay skinny.

You might deadlift more than double body weight in the gym but still not sport a six pack.

Your legs might still look like pencils, even though you know the difference between a high bar and low bar back squat and have done Wendler, Westside and a linear progression.

Welcome to the amazing and wondrous world of your genetics. 

Some of our bodies get 'bulky' aka muscular with the slightest of ease.

Some of us can work our asses off in the gym and have very little visible proof. 

 And the rest of us are somewhere in the infinite possibility of the space in between. 


 You know what matters?
(I ask, but I know that you do...even if you have to dig deep.)

 You being strong and well and enjoying the hell out of the way in which you choose to train.

 I don't know what your body is going to look like if you lift weights.  I don't know how much you will weigh or if you'll have 'abs'. 

 But I do know you'll be happy and healthy.

That you will be strong and capable.

You will be your own unique version of extraordinaire when you make peace with the body that comes with the type of strength training that speaks to your heart and stimulates your mind. (Regardless of what it happens to look like.)
My 'bulky' and beautiful friend, Cheri.

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Anonymous said...

A great post as always - we need to pay attention to how workouts make us FEEL, not just how we look. (That being said, Cheri looks awesome!)