Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Yourself...Love Each Other

It's valentines day, let's talk LOVE.

 So they say, you cannot truly love someone completely without loving yourself first. 
I believe this whole heartedly.   Self-love is where all love starts. 

 However self love, is just the beginning. 

 I have spent the last four years on a journey, discovering what living MY life with self love is like.  Its amazing.  Its wondrous.  It feels like a miracle everyday. 

 However MY life is not mutually exclusive.  My LIFE, includes others... first and foremost those others are my family, but also everyone else too.   

 I have been turning in, and the universe is giving me a good swift kick in the ass, telling me, my peace and their peace...requires me to look out and up.  Not just when I am in a life coaching session with a client, not just when there is an important life event that calls my attention, and certainly not just on valentines day. 

The shifts in my consciousness around my SELF were necessary, they were VITAL.  However this Valentine's day marks the beginning of a new shift.  MY SELF evolution now must expand.  I have become conscious of my thoughts, my emotions, my intuition.

Today, I become conscious to the souls around me.  For their highest possibility, for my highest possibility, for the worlds possibilities. 

 Happy Valentine's Day.  Love Yourself...Love each other. 

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