Monday, January 28, 2013

My Take Away from the 5th Element of Fitness Workshop

Yesterday was a good day.  I presented for the very first time, The 5th Element of Fitness Workshop.   I designed the workshop specifically for CrossFitters, to gain insight into the connection between their mind and body, as well as learn tools to consciously integrate the two more fully and in turn meet physical potential, experience joy and satisfaction in training and lead a more fulfilling life in general. 

I cannot be happier with how the workshop went.  Eleven athletes from three local affiliates joined me at Cross Fit King of Prussia. They were open and ready to learn and experience.  They were able to look inside to discover what was already there and bravely shared with each other.  After learning and sharing we headed to the gym and they did the 5th element WOD and put tools directly into practice. 

I think this group picture says it all, it might be just me but  I think there is a look about these faces....I see a special kind of joy that comes when we connect more fully to each other and to ourselves. 

At the end of the workshop I asked what everyone's biggest take away was.  Here are some of their answers:

"Realizing all that I have accomplished, my strengths"

"The need for practice and intention."

"The connection between mind and body and how strong it is"

 "Seeing how my mindset absolutely effects my WODs and the tools to change it"

 "Clearing my mind  and giving the WOD to myself"

 "What you think and say impacts your performance and physical body"

 "Appreciate your successes, live in the moment"

 "We need nothing to gain happiness, Its always there for us!" 

This morning I am reflecting more fully on what my biggest take away was.  It is that, "People are Naturally Creative Resourceful and Whole."  I am trained in Co-Active Life Coaching and this is one if the cornerstones of the co-active model.   

The workshop didn't GIVE these athletes anything that they didn't have already.  They already have everything they need inside themselves. 

Even the tools I gave them, many realized they were using them at times, without even knowing it.  But now feel empowered to use them more consciously. 

Consciousness is SO POWERFUL.   Once you KNOW, you cannot UNKNOW. 

When you realize your own thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs get in the way of your potential...that's when the journey begins.

 When you connect deeply to the WHOLE person you are, JUST AS YOU will act in alignment with that self.

 When you are AWARE, you have the power of CHOICE.

 You may be wondering, what does this workshop for CrossFitters, have to do with Radical Hateloss?


 When mind and body align, that's where we meet our potential...whether it's our potential in our health, or in our wellness, or in our physical performance or in our lives!

 A BIG thanks to Kate Rawlings who asked me to create the workshop and pushed me over the cliff to the next big adventure!  I'll be going to her gym, Coca CrossFit in Ohio next month to present it to her athletes!

 And a special thanks to my friend Cheri.  You're my mind/body partner in crime. :-) 

“Every passion, every emotion, has its effect upon the mind. Every change of mind, however slight, has its effect upon the body.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan
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