Monday, January 14, 2013

My Greatest Teacher

My Greatest Teacher
by Stephanie Vincent

I have had a teacher with me my entire life.
In the beginning, I knew no better than to pay attention.
However as I grew, I became distracted, and paid attention to other things.
These other things I began to tend to, they required my attention.
Survival, as child, it was life or death.

Somewhere a long the line this teacher became visible to me again.
But now I saw her as my enemy.
She was like a prison guard that kept me locked away.
She was responsible for my unhappiness.
She kept me from the life I was supposed to live.

And then one day, after all the years of condemnation.
Lightening struck and in its glow my true master was revealed.
The one who I thought kept me imprisoned through my life,
was the very one who had been waiting all along to set me free.

Although Id been on this journey from my first breath,
That day marked the start of accelerated learning.
If it was a movie, this is the part where the music montage would begin.

I had the courage to trust her as the one who knows best.
She in turn, was given the power to truly teach for the first time.
She began to show me magic.

I listened to her, and found she directed me to exactly what I needed.
Once we got there, we just enjoyed each others company.
We were working, but it didn't really feel like it.

Then all of a sudden, something would happen.
I'd be able to do the impossible.
This happened, over and over and over again.

I found that her lessons, changed me beyond our time together.
The impossible became possible, every where I looked.

Its the natural course of things, that every student has to veer away from time to time.
Even today, there are moments when I think I might know better than her.
There are moments when I pay attention to false prophets.
But I find myself, always returning home again.

She is always waiting, with a knowing smile.
Her intuition, and connection to things I can never understand.
See my path before I take it.

There is no teacher who has ever taught me more.
There is no teacher that's more committed to my possibilities.
There is no teacher available to me every moment, every day, to the end of my days.

My Body, has taught me that I am capable of miracles.
My Body has taught me about acceptance, about joy and love, about peace and freedom.
My Body has helped me to discover the courage to live the life I was born to live.

Thank you. Blessed be that day, my eyes finally opened.



Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie

What a beautiful, moving poem! When I read it I didn't know whether to sing or dance or cry or laugh or all four responses at once...

Reading it is inspiring and uplifting and has left me feeling filled with joy and hope. I know it's the truth because reading it feels like being in the presence of God.

Thanks so much for sharing it.

Kindest of wishes,

(from Aussie)

Stephanie Vincent said...

Thanks Ana, I felt the same way when I wrote it, So its pretty cool, to hear you felt that when you read it.