Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 3 Radical Hateloss Blog Posts of 2012

One of many personal highlights of 2012, Getting 170lbs over my head!

Another amazing year.  I never imagined how happy I could be.  I never imagined that the body I once was at war with could be the source of so much joy.  I want that for you too. 

 I hope that I have inspired you along the way at some point this year.  Made you think a little differently or perhaps feel empowered to change your status quo. 

The following three blog posts are my top 3 for 2012.  They are the top 3 because they are the closest to my heart, and its no surprise they also become 3 of the most popular posts with you as well. I have learned that I am always most successful, when I am my most authentic self. 

Does Weight Really Matter?

I am Plus Size
Tears for her

Thank you for your time, your love and your support. Wishing you a groundbreaking 2013...Happy New Year!! 


gingerzingi said...

Great posts, Stephanie. Somehow I missed the Does Weight Matter post the first time around, so I'm glad you included that. Soooo important to know that health can be improved through lifestyle, no matter a person's weight. And also, I LOVE your new short hair!

SBM said...

HOLY HELL, that's impressive. I think I'd crumple!

Stephanie Vincent said...

thanks ladies :-)