Monday, November 5, 2012

Weightlifting Technique & Nutrition

Lately I have been greatly enjoying a regular practice in Olympic Weightlifting.  As I delve deeper into the practice I am beginning to learn more about the differences in techniques and the debates within the weightlifting community.   I've actually struggled lately, feeling a little confused.  That was until it hit me...there is more than one way to successfully lift a heavy weight.

A technique can be successful if it is in alignment with a few very basic principles.  In lifting the lifter must apply force on the bar moving it upward, the bar must stay in close to the body and the lifter must get underneath the bar fast. 
Keeping the bar in close,

 In order for a lifter to figure out which techniques will allow them to best achieve those principles and therefore lift the weight, is trial and error.  They may need to work with different coaches, try different things before they establish what both works for their body and makes sense within their understanding.  And that probably continues to evolve as long as they continue to weightlift. 

 Weightlifting isn't unlike nutrition. 

 There are a million 'techniques' people use for nutrition and the debates about which are right, are many.

However like weight lifting there is an ultimate goal, to eat in such away that our bodies are healthy.  A successful technique in nutrition must be in alignment with  few basic principles.   Our bodies need a balance of nutrients, not too much or too little and the food we eat should make us feel well.  Beyond that is technique. 

Like the lifter has to experience what works best for them as an individual, so do we with nutrition.    We must be open minded, learn from different sources and we must learn from experiencing what works and what doesn't.   What works for our body will not work for someone else's.  Our choices must make sense to us. 

 Our techniques for nutrition will evolve over time.  Eating in alignment with our health is not a finite process. 

 The debates over nutrition techniques can be confusing and frustration, but just like I realized with weightlifting, there is more than one way to eat in alignment with health.  We must continually find the way that works best for us.    



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