Monday, October 15, 2012

A Call to Action

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Here's my truth...

I'm not really doing this work so that your relationship with your body will are simply pawns in my larger game.  You see I know that if I can help you to love and accept yourself, to find joy--instead of suffering in your relationship with your bodies, that little eyes and hearts that watch you, now or in the future will be shaped by the strong, confident and healthy (physically and emotionally) women they watch. 

I feel as if we are on the edge of a paradigm shift.  That change is brewing.  That old ways of thinking are being challenged, by more and more women everyday.  What history tells us, is that what were 'radical' beliefs to our grandparents can be common place for us.

One day accepting our bodies will be the norm.  One day exercise won't be about losing weight it will be about having fun.  One day eating nutritious food, won't be the product of a diet, but of a life built on self love.  One day these things will be conventional, not radical. 

That future, it starts with us.   

Make no mistake about it, this is a call to action.  How we feel about our own body, our own selves- will impact our daughters, our nieces, our god daughters, our sisters, our friends.    If we want the world to be a different place for them...where they know how to love themselves, rather tear themselves to pieces...we have got to make the decision to take up the cause of self love and acceptance in our own hearts and minds. 

 Change doesn't happen over night, not in a single life or in the lives of many but it starts with a choice.   It starts when individuals like me and you, decide this can go on no longer.  That we can no longer tolerate the atrocities that we see before our eyes.  That we are not willing to allow the world to be as it is today.  That our heart hurts to watch what we see, and we will do everything in our power to right that wrong.

 The quote above by Kate Winslet, makes my heart hurt.   It aches in the bitter truth of the reality, that most of us rarely if ever heard a women say, "I love my body."  What we did hear was, '"my thighs are too big", "I hate my nose" "I have to lose 5 pounds"....  over and over and over again.  That makes me brutally sad.

 It makes me sad and at the same time it light up a fire inside me.  It's time for change.  Change can start, right here, right this moment.  Make a choice. For your own health and happiness, but also for those little girls that will suffer just as much, if not more if they don't learn something different. 

 Ladies, this whole thing isn't just about you and your  body.  Its about LIFE.  Its about living our full potential, living our destinies.  The impact of that on the next generation, on our world is LIMITLESS.  To say that this is a worthwhile cause is a gross understatement.  It is everything. 

 LOVING ourselves, ACCEPTING all that we are....this is our revolution.  Stand with me, in this fight for LIFE.

Me and my inspiration.

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Lynn said...

So, I am reading this post just after taking a look at the loose skin on my upper thighs. I am losing weight and getting fit. It is leaving me with loose flappy skin. I remembered one other time I tried to work with a national weight loss chain. Everyone that I met there was so concerned that I would have so much loose skin when I was done and it would be horrible. Well, I am now doing the work primarily on my own (well, with lots of advice from lots of individuals...just not a national or corporate weight loss program) and I am doing it....and I have lots of loose skin....but to me it is not a is a reminder that I was once in a physical place that I never want to be in again. I do not think it should make me love my body any less and I am striving to not let it derail me from my focus.