Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Serve One is to Serve All

About a month ago I quit my day job.  Today I start my new one.  My mom comes home from the Rehab hospital and I am going to be her full time caregiver.   

My life has been a bit of a whirl wind these last couple months as you can see from my lack of blog posts. My emotions have been in flux day to day moment to moment.  I am excited to have more time with my family and more time at home to focus on Radical Hateloss and life coaching but am anxious about what my life will look like and how it will feel to play this role full time with my mom.   

I tried to write a post yesterday, but quite frankly I was in too deep with a flood of emotions to be able to share.  However this morning I feel awash with a feeling of excitement in my belly.  I feel ready and hopeful and a deep sense of knowing I am on the path towards the life I was born to live.

Today I reaffirm my commitment to living my life from my highest self.  I will bravely allow my light to shine into the world, not just for me but for all who come in contact with me, and especially my children.

In order to be my highest self I must be well.  There is no choice in the matter.  Taking care of myself includes nutrition and exercise, but it also includes sleep and relaxation and care for my family and my home. 

The full encompass of what wellness means, has hit me hard this morning.  It's as if my lens just widened and I see what has been missing.  Wellness is Mind, Body and Spirit but is also the delicate balance between them.

 As I start my new job today, I feel proud to be role modeling to my children a value of caring for your loved ones when they cannot care for themselves.  My own parents role modeled that for me.  However what my parents never modeled very well was self-care.  I am ready to model both.

The thing is caring for me, caring for those that I love and caring for the people I serve and inspire through Radical Hateloss and life coaching are all the same thing.  They aren't seperate at all.  To serve one is to serve all.

If we want are children to be well, If we want our families to be well, if we want our communities and our world to be well.....we must be well.


Sarah Joyce said...

You are such a special person and I feel so fortunate to have met you...just wanted you to know that!

Nicole D. Johns said...

Thanks for sharing your excitement adn vision for your 'new job'. I am coming into my full belief that wholeness and wellness are the same thing. The more I focus on my health and happiness, the better my whole life is. The better I mother, the better I love, the better I do my professional job, the better I am ME. Self-care is essnetial to happiness. I truly hope that our generation models this well for our kids. I know it wasn't modeled well for me.

FoodandLoathing said...

Please send my love to your mom!! She was always awesome to me.

Fresh and Feisty said...

Glad for the update. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering what was up!

Mel_Joulwan said...

Best wishes on your new adventure. This is such a beautiful post, and I'm thinking about you lots.