Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Revolution of the Lens

We all deserve to experience the joy of moving our bodies.

 Yes...Joy!!  And maybe joy won't come on a treadmill or in the walls of a regular gym (although it might) but somewhere there is joy for each one of us.

 On a trail, with a barbell, climbing a rock, in downward facing dog, on a athletic field, maybe even dancing our ass off. 

 Joy is ours to be had....stretching our limits, finding out we can do more than we thought we can, laughing and playing and making the essential connection to our physical selves. 
Intensity of movement isn't just for hard toned bodies....its for the skinny ones and big ones and everyone in between. 

 We don't need to 'look the part'.  If that is what's stopping us from a healthy life....physical, emotional, spiritual.....it shouldn't. 

 Health on the inside, has very little to what we see on the outside. 

 Join me in a revolution.  The revolution of the lens with which we view our health.  Turn it in, instead of out.

Commit to health...not health as in "I need to lose weight", health that says "my mind, body and spirit are aligned." 
 Health like that can start RIGHT NOW.  Health like that breeds desire for movement from within.  Shape and size are irrelevant...today and tomorrow too.

"And I keep searching for ways to change the conversation, change minds, change thought patterns. I keep struggling to transform judgment into gentle and open curiosity. It is the things that make us different that make us amazing, and that can be experienced with care and love instead of fear and loathing. I want people to assume less and accept more, to realize that another human being’s exterior is just one small piece of that human being’s unique puzzle"

-Sally McGraw (read the full post here)

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