Monday, April 16, 2012

The Ladies RX Discussion Series: Guilt Free Food

Last night CrossFit Women from nine states around the country had a conversation about having joyful relationships with food!  The special guest for the call was Juli Bauer.  Juli is a CrossFit Coach, athlete and blogger.  She writes the fabulous food blog, PaleOMG as well as a monthly column for Again Faster.

We talked about our past experiences with guilt around food, why the Paleo way of eating brings us joy, how we experience eating ‘off plan’ and about finding how to best eat for our own bodies. 

If you missed the call you can listen to it below or download it here.

Juli & Myself would like to challenge participants and listeners to the call to create a list of their FOOD VALUES. 

Your Food Values are a list of your core values around food & eating.  Core values are your must haves. They are not ideals or things you’d like to strive for, but rather the things that are essential for you to live by. 

Think about what you WANT to do and then ask yourself, ‘WHY DO I WANT TO DO THESE THINGS?’ to find your values.    There were some great examples given on the call! 

Values are already in you--- you are just naming them.  Having your values in front of you can help guide you.  You can ask yourself, what am I in alignment with? What am I out of alignment with? What do I choose to be in alignment with now?   

Please share with us your Food Values by posting them to comments! 

If your participated in the call or listened to it, please take a few moments to give your feedback on this short survey .  Thanks!

Congrats to Iris for winning some awesome PaleOMG gear!

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