Monday, April 9, 2012

An Exercise in Remembering

Life isn’t always about learning something new, often times it’s about remembering something we already know.  Today’s post is an exercise in remembering. 

I invite you to read the rest of this post with great intention.  Perhaps close the door to your office, turn down the radio, turn off the television.  Feel free to take time to close your eyes between words. Allow your imagination to run free.

Think of yourself as a child. Choose an age where you felt alive with happiness and possibility.  Remember what you looked like at that age.   Picture what your hair would look like, what would you be wearing?  Perhaps there is a particular photo you identify with this time in your life- if so envision in. 

This child lives inside you.  She is not the wounded child.  This child is innocent and carefree.  This child lives in the moment, she knows joy.  She is the essence of who you are.  She is about to pay you a visit.

Imagine that she comes into the room you are in. Take her energy in.  What do you notice about her? How does she move?  She, without any apprehension runs over to you and bounces happily onto your lap and smiles widely at you.  Then without words, she reaches out and touches her small hands to either side of your face.  Notice how her hands feel as they touch you gently. 

She looks deeply into your eyes, holding your gaze courageously.  Her eyes seem to be searching inside you.  They are unrelentless in their search.  She is looking for something, something she wants to show you.  Something she needs you to see.  She finds what she is looking for, you see it the moment she does because her eyes change.  Her eyes become like mirrors reflecting back what she wanted you to see. Take in what she is showing you.  Allow what she is reminding you of to fully sink in.  

What have you just remembered? 

How will that serve you?

How can you stay connected to it? 

Perhaps find a photo or some thing else that reminds you of that little girl and put it where you will see it everyday.

This post is dedicated to an amazing little girl named Amber.


velvetvoice said...

Couldn`t manage to remember my self as a happy, not wounded child...I was scared, unhappy and very wounded child since my first memories...One of my first memories is my grandmother telling me not to mention in front of other kids and people for my fathers problem with alcohol and his huge fightings with my mother...That was the time ( I was probably 3 years old ), when I found out that this is not normal and this is not everyone else`s family...Normally your articles are a lot of inspiration for me, but this one made me sorry for my self...

Stephanie Vincent said...

@velvet voice- thanks for sharing that. I grew up with a father with addiction. So I can relate to that woundedness. But what I also know about woundedness is that, despite it there is a wholeness within us that lived before the wound, after it and now in us as adults. This exercise connected you to something different then I intended- but perhaps there was some value in that. Sometimes inspiration and transformation comes through the dark.

What metaphor other than you inner child, would help you connect to that wholeness? Maybe thats a place to look.

Thanks for reading and for sharing

gingerzingi said...

Damn this is making me cry. I remember that child... so many lessons to learn from her. Thanks for the great post.