Monday, March 5, 2012

The Ladies RX Discussion Series: Perfection vs. Betterment

The Ladies RX Discussion Series took on Perfection vs. Betterment last night with special guest Aly Willier of RX Stars. You can find out more about Aly, her workshops and clothing at If your not already a fan on FaceBook, like it here.

If you missed the call, you can listen to it below or download it here.

At the end of the call Aly and I challenged participants to write a short term goal, something they can accomplish in 7 days. Aly shared on the call, the formula to successful goal setting. Below is a guide for each part of the formula to help you make your short term goal a reality.

CLARITY (Clarity = Strengths + Beliefs x Goals)
“What are my strengths?”
"Why do I want to achieve this goal"?
“What is the purpose and my overall mission?”

FOCUS (See the process of achieving your goals through visualization)
What does the process of you attaining your goals look like?

EXECUTION (Action Steps. Do Work.)
What Action Items and steps that are specific measurable and realistic will you put into place in order to achieve your goals and get results?

Whether you participated live or listen to the recording we invite you to take the challenge. Please post to comments your GOAL - Including CLARITY, FOCUS & EXECUTION. Feel free to return to the post at the end of the 7 days to let us know how it goes!

Thanks to all Aly and all participants for another great conversation and congrats to Trinity for winning a RX Star T-Shirt!
Please take survey below or follow this link after participating in or listening to the call.


Jennifer said...

Hi Stephanie and Aly,
I'm setting a 7 day goal to sign up to be a personal fitness merit badge counselor for the district my son is a scout in. The idea just came up yesterday and makes sense considering my overall goals. Your call helped me to be open to the idea when it was presented to me, so thank you for that!

Dania said...

I'm a little bummed, I was hoping there would be more responses to the goal setting challenge. Sorry it took me a week to get mine posted - but I wanted to make sure I did it, even if it IS late.

My 7 Day Goal:
CLARITY - I want to have the baseline draft of my business plan laid out by the end of the week. I tend to be an overplanner, so I will use my planning and organization strengths toward laying out the framework required for my business plan. My overall purpose is to have the plan laid out so that I can then spend time focusing on the details and necessary research to complete the plan in full... ultimately opening my own business.
FOCUS - I have two plane trips and plenty of evening downtime coming up this week and can see myself sitting there with my stack of paper and planning notes compiling a rough draft... stack of colored pens and all.
EXECUTION - I am packing my business plan information, initial notes and papers, and everything I will need in my carry-on. I will use all available airplane time and downtime while I'm on my trip to document, prepare, and complete the baseline draft of my business plan.

This is important to me because the business plan is the complex document outlining the goals of my business and how I plan on getting there, where I will go once I am there, and how I will go about it. There will never be a question in my mind about what I am striving for next.

Thanks again for a fantastic call last Sunday!! Aly and Stephanie - you ladies rock! Thanks!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Thank you Jennifer and Dania for sharing your goals! Awesome stuff!!

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