Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ladies RX Discussion Series: Accepting Ourselves & Wanting More

Last night women from all over the country gathered to talk about an important topic that impacts women who CrossFit but also women in general- Accepting Ourselves & Wanting More with Special Guest Sarah Wilson of Fashletics.

We talked about the difference between acceptance and resignation, the struggle to accept and about how acceptance helps us reach our goals, possibilities, and brings the experience of joy and ease.  It was a rich conversation that could have gone on way longer than the hour of the call!
If you missed the call you can listen to below or download it here.

Each Ladies RX discussion call ends with a challenge. Whether you were on the call live or listen to it later your are invited to take part!

Sarah and myself, challenge you to write your “Self-Acceptance Principles”

Think about what you want to accept—about your body, about your fitness, about yourself in general and then write a principle for each.

For each aspect you will accept ask yourself,

What are your accepting?
What will acceptance allow you to focus on?
What will acceptance bring?

Each principle can go something like this..

I accept ________, which allows me to ________ so that I ___________.

Some examples….

I accept the weight I can lift each day, which allows me to focus on my form and enjoy the experience, so that I can get stronger and lift the biggest weights possible.

I accept my pants size, which allows me to focus on my fitness so that I can enjoy my workouts and become my fittest self.

I accept my imperfections as a mother, which allows me to be fully present when I am with my children so that I can be the best mother possible.


Sarah will select one person who posts their principles to the comments of this post to be Fashletic’s Fashlete of the Month in March!  The winner will get a handcrafted charm with the inspirational word of their choice!

Congrats to Maggie, a participant in the call who was randomly selected to win a pair of  Live, Love, Lift Socks from Fashletics!

A big thanks to the inspiring Sarah Wilson for being the special guest! Keep up the amazing work “inspiring the athlete’s within!”

If you participated in the call or listened to it online please take a few moments to take the survey below or follow this link to access it.


Unknown said...

Thanks for having the recording available! Forgot it was eastern time.

Michelle said...

1. Body: I accept my tummy so I can focus on enjoying movement and intimacy.

2. Fitness: I accept that the quality of my workout is more important than meeting the Rx weigh so I can enjoy the experience and rest in the knowledge that I am making cumulative improvements.

3. Self: I accept that I am on my own path so that I stop comparing myself to others and love the life I am living in the present moment.

I found it helpful to substitute the word "embrace" for "accept" so that I didn't fall into the Resignation trap.

Thank you Stephanie, Sarah & fellow participants!

JZ said...

Self: I accept my imperfections, which will allow me to share my gifts of imperfection with those I love so I can build strong, healthy relationships.

Body: I accept my body in all its glory which will allow me to listen to what it needs so I may live my life free of stressful, unrealistic restrictions.

Fitness: I accept that I don't always have to be first or the best which will allow me to focus on doing skills well leading to quicker gains.

Shanna said...

Body: I accept my left over baby fat, which allows me to spend every ounce of mental energy on being present to my son and husband so that I can truly experience life as a new mother.

Fitness: I accept my level of athletic ability post-postpartum, which allows me to focus on every WOD, every rep, every breath so that I can truly give it my very best in that moment.

Business Success: I accept where I am financially, which allows me to be fully available to help and coach others so that I can be the a very successful and inspiring CrossFit coach and AdvoCare Advisor.

This inspired me to write an entire blog post! Thank you for hosting!

Dania said...

I accept that I am worthy and successful without the quest for external approval. This acceptance will allow me to break down the paralyzing fear that I may disappoint someone I love or not match up to someone that doesn't even matter to me. Without that fear, without being stuck like a deer in headlights, I will be able to feel more freedom in pursuing projects that have sat on the back burner for fear that I wouldn't be good enough in someone else's eyes.

After this phone call, I felt incredibly inspired by the women that participated... and I realized that I depend too much on what others think. For the sake of my body, my personality, my workouts, my business goals... I accept that I do not need to get the approval of anyone else, just me.

Shelly said...

I accept my body for what it is, realizing I may have unrealistic expectations of myself. which will allow me to focus on becoming stronger and eating right. so that I can enjoy the new me and not sabotage myself and my efforts.

I accept that I don't have to be a certain size or number. By accepting this, I can focus on how far I have come and the accomplishments I have achieved. This will allow me to be free of a number hanging over my head, so that I can be happy and proud of myself.

I accept my medically induced physical limitations. By accepting this, I can focus on the fact that I am still able to workout, just not at the same level, so that I don't feel sorry for myself and can focus on getting the best workout that I can physically get. Knowing it is better than nothing.

shelly vail said...

I have to say this call made a huge impact on me moving forward in my life. I have started an acceptance journal, which I can already tell is going to be an instrumental tool dealing with the mental side of this journey. I have lost 85 lbs, but continue to beat myself up mentally about my fitness level. I am fit, but always want more. I think it was Sarah that suggested to do a mud event, so I signed up to do the Rebel Race here in Indiana. It is in September and I am truly pumped for it. I have a renewed focus and goal now thanks to both of you.


AL said...

I just found your blog and I absolutely LOVE the term "hateloss" - GENIUS.

Can't wait to explore!


Sarah Wilson said...

These are great ladies! Thank you so much for participating in the call. I hope you found it helpful and inspiring. And now there is work to be done! Let's make these “Self-Acceptance Principles” a reality! And remember, one of you will be chosen as the March Fashlete of the month and receive a customized necklace. Live, Love, Lift! -Sarah, fashletics

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