Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Great Crescendos

There have been times in your life when you have experienced a crescendo.

Times when you felt vibrant and alive, connected to yourself or another human being.
Times when your mind quieted and judgment fell away.
Times when creativity filled your veins and the next stroke just appeared.

Not every moment can be a crescendo.  After all, It is the rise and fall that makes ecstasy, ecstasy.  However living life can be like a symphony- sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud and every in between.  Lots of room for glorious crescendo. 

However there are times that we are living more like elevator music, than a symphony. As much as a crescendo sounds so good, we can’t seem to play anything but flat.

Our fears and doubts and insecurity, trump the music of our hearts.  We play a song that might be boring, but at least its safe and we know the tune.

What would change if we answered doubt and insecurity with faith?  Faith in our highest selves.  Faith that the internal critic says what it does simply to maintain the status quo. 

What would change is we answer fear with trust?  Trust in the unfolding of our lives.  Trust in the idea that fear is not a foe but an ally.  Fear filtered through out authentic self at times keeps us safe and others lets us know we are about to do something worth doing. 

With faith & trust--- the great crescendos. 

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Amelia said...

I believe you have to have the faith in yourself to choose the right path for you - and trust that the universe will catch you! It almost always does, and when it doesn't, it has a lesson to teach you. Fantastic post :)