Thursday, January 26, 2012

Constant Crossroads

Today’s post is by a writer, CrossFitter and mother of three named Leah Thompson.  I have had the pleasure of being Leah’s life coach over the past six months.  I am humbled and excited by the transformation that had happened in Leah’s relationship with her body over those months.  Leah came to coaching wanting to get off what she called the roller coaster of waging war with food and her body.  She has done just that. 

Leah wrote the post below (not knowing it would be published anywhere), after one of our sessions.  I think it speaks to one of the coolest things that I am noticing with my coaching clients that come to work on their body images issues.  They find that once they “get off the roller coaster” a world much bigger than their bodies open to them.  The possibility of the life they were born to live- begins to manifest.  That it the miracle and the motivation for this work. 

Thanks so much Leah for this most awesome contribution to Radical Hateloss.  Please check out Leah’s blog at

Constant Crossroads

Everyday we stand before an infinite amount of possible choices laid out before us.  Some paths are obvious.  Maybe they are familiar roads we travel frequently, on automatic pilot.  The choice to travel these roads doesn't require much thought or challenge.  They are 'safe'.  Even if we don't particularly like the outcome of these paths, the result of this decision is ingrained in our habits and behaviors and therefore not as scary to choose.

Then there are unknown paths.  The ones where the entrance is overgrown with trees and dark and seems scary from the start.  We think they will be harder to navigate.  The outcome of this decision is unpredictable.  But what if just beyond that rough start is smooth sailing, sunny meadows filled with flowers and rainbows and butterflies and blue skies? 

It takes bravery and courage to choose the path less traveled at the crossroads.  If you take the time to feel the energy of the unknown path and just BE with the decision to take a chance, there is excitement there.  Possibility.  Hope.  The unknown can be exhilarating, not terrifying.  The problem with choosing the same old pattern/path you always do is you know what the end results are going to be.  While this path may be 'safe' it’s also not going to take you anywhere new. 

Let's talk about the invisible paths present at the crossroads.  The tangents life takes us on that we don't even know we're on.  What if we could consciously choose an option for ourselves that wasn't even on the table at first glance?  Create an entire new existence for ourselves just by choosing to not do what we've always done?  I love the quote about insanity is doing the same thing over and over exactly the same way and expecting different results.

How can you get to where you want to be?  Stop doing what you've always done! There is a choice, every second of every day in everything you do. We have the chance to change our destiny and chose, or better yet, CREATE the path we want to be on.  And we all have the strength, right now, to do it.

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