Friday, December 30, 2011

Tips for Falling Back in Love with your Body in the New Year!

Lets face it, you once were madly in love with your body.  As a baby you delightfully discovered your fingers and toes.  As a child you bravely ventured together into the unknown world…jumping, running, playing together. 

As it happens with even the most exciting love affairs…sometimes things go wrong.  Where and when we may not know, but somehow our relationship switched from joyful and easy to unhappy and difficult. 

Good news is you’re here reading this blog, which probably means you are willing and ready to rekindle the love.  Here are my tips for falling back in your most intimate relationships the one with your physical being. 

  • Speak Kindly
If the only way you ever spoke about your lover was in negatives and criticisms, what would that do to the relationship?  Pay attention to how you speak about your body, and commit to not trashing your thighs or mid section every chance you get.  Instead speak kindly.  You may not love parts of your body, but the question is can you accept them?  If you stop speaking negatively, your body will be happier- but the added bonus- You can be a RADICAL role model for other women- particularly the young ladies in your life.   

  • Have Fun
Having fun together is crucial to any relationship.  If you already know what physical activity you enjoy- find a way to do it.  Perhaps you used to play soccer or do gymnastics as a kid; find a recreation league or adult gymnastics class.  If you never have found a physical activity you enjoy- go out and try anything that seems interesting.  When you are open, you just might be surprised what opportunities will magically arrive.  Besides, If you are enjoying physical activity- you won’t need a resolution to keep up with it. 

  • Eat Together
Sharing a meal- one of life’s most ancient forms of intimacy.  So many of us spend our time eating without taking the time to be with our bodies as we eat.  Start inviting your body to the table more often.  Eat atleast a meal a day fully present- without the telephone, remote, computer or steering wheel.  Pay attention to how the food tastes, smells, feels in your mouth- to how it makes your body feel.  You just might experience a new joy eating foods that are healthy for your body and be able to enjoy pleasure foods without guilt. 

  • Discover What’s Really Important
Sometimes there comes a point in a relationship when counterparts need to sit down to figure out what it is that is really important to both of them.  You may want to be a specific size or weight but chances are your body cares more about how it feels then how it looks.  What is the common ground you both want?  What would feeling happy everyday for both you and your body look like?  What are the qualities (instead of quantities) that would satisfy both of you.  Figuring out what is important is key to choosing behaviors in alignment with your values.  What might change when you decide what you do and don’t do everyday according to whether it honors your values instead of because it is a means to an end?

Are you ready for a radical 2012?  What seems impossible now….is possible.  I know it, and you will too.  Happy new years!!

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