Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Roach Problem

Call it what you will.

Gremlin. Ego. Saboteur. Negative Self Talk.

It’s the voice in our heads that says, “You are not good enough.”The exact words are different for each of us but the sentiment is the same. 

It keeps us small.  It keeps us from going for it.  It keeps our lives the same, in endless loops repeating the same experiences over and over again.

You are at the point where you are aware of this voice, but yet you seem to have no ability to overcome it.  You try to ignore it. You try to replace it with positivity.  You try to argue with it.  And yet there it is- seemingly running the show.  It doesn’t allow you to accept yourself.  It doesn’t allow you to enjoy your successes.  It doesn’t allow you to be free from guilt and fear- so that you can enjoy your life (and your body).

That negative voice is like roaches.

You can try to ignore an infestation, but it only gets bigger
You can try to put out flowers to make things better, but they are still there.
You can try to squash them one by one, and be battling forever. 

Or you can turn on the light.  In the darkness they will be crawling all over you, but in the light they scatter and hide.   

You turn on the light by acknowledging that voice with full consciousness.  Not trying to ignore it, replace it or change it- but simply noticing it.  To notice it is to separate from it, for it is not you.  It has no real power until you believe it by living from it unconsciously or by giving it enough credit to argue with it. 

It may sound radical but try saying YES to the voice the moment that you notice it.  Fully welcome it into the full light of your consciousness, and see what happens.

The more practice you have turning on the light, the easier it becomes to leave it on or turn it back on again when it goes off.  The negative thoughts like roaches without darkness cannot feed, and their numbers will decrease over time.

Just imagine…what will become possible when you have all the time and energy you spend ignoring, replacing and fighting that voice?

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Fresh and Feisty said...

I so have been dealing with this lately. Thank you for putting it into words!