Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fierce Courage

Changing your relationship with your body is going to take fierce courage.

You’ve got a lifetime of practice under your belt of beating yourself up- worried about numbers or how you look.  The easy way is to continue to do what you know best. 

Changing your beliefs- that is the road less traveled, but it’s the only road that leads to you living a life of JOY and EASE and FREEDOM. 

You must summon the courage to look conventional wisdom, and its allies in the face and say,


I know my worth, and it isn’t measured on a scale or on a tag.

What matters to me is not what I will look like tomorrow but how I feel today.

I am not at odds with a body that isn’t good enough, but rather allies with my physical being that is an essential part of who I am- in every moment no matter how it looks.”
It’s going to take practice and dedication to change your norm.   New challenges will arise that threaten the new system you’ve put in place.  Every once and awhile you will stumble and maybe even fall. 

But rest assured-- once you know, you can’t unknown.

Have fierce courage and unstoppable faith in that knowing-  you can change YOUR world, and in turn begin to change the world for all of us.

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