Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Intrinsic Motivation for Healthy Behaviors


What motivates you to eat well & exersize?

Perhaps losing weigh.
What happens when the numbers don’t move down fast enough, or stop?

Might be the promise of a cheat meal or a purchase at the mall.
What happens when the sacrifice is no longer worth the reward?

Maybe getting “healthy.”
What happens when immediate changes aren’t evident?

You just may have something to prove to someone in your life.
What happens when the win- turns out to be unsatisfying?

Could be the thrill of zipping up those size jeans.
What happens when you zip and find…it’s still not enough

You quit.  You stop.  You go back to old behaviors, old habits and unconscious ways out of alignment with your highest good.

What might be different if your motivation didn’t live in some future moment, but rather in each bite, in each movement?

Intrinsic Motivation- Joy, Pleasure, Immediate Reward, Satisfaction. 

If you love your body without condition…

Caring for it is Joyful.
Choosing behaviors in alignment with self-love is pleasurable
A sense of wellness is the immediate reward
Nothing needs to change in order for you to be satisfied- the love itself is satisfying.

Acceptance won’t stop you from your highest physical possibly.  It is the key, to being able to love yourself enough to experience how effortless healthy choices can feel.  It is loving yourself now (no matter how now looks) that provides intrinsic motivation to eat the foods and engage in the physical movement in your best interest. 

There are all kinds of places and people that have given you the message that you need to change something to be good enough.  That is a BOLD FACE LIE…..I know it and YOU know it…It’s probably the reason you are reading this blog. 

Your challenge, A one week experiment:  Live from the part of you that knows a physical change is never going to make you happy.  Accept yourself- choose to be happy now in your current skin.  Tell yourself you believe you have nothing to do, or change or prove or be to be enough.  Love yourself completely.

Too daunting even for a week?  Fake it! Pretend you are someone else you see as someone who exhibits self love and acceptance. Play the role...just for the week. 

As you make choices about food and movement during the week, ask yourself “what is in alignment with my love?”  Do that (no matter what the answer is).  Be curious about the experience of the intrinsic motivation of self love.  What feels different about the experience?  How does it change things?


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and am so happy I did. I love the way you think. I totally feel happy with me and my life. I am overweight but have not felt that that defines me. My problem is I feel so much acceptance with myself I find it hard to accept how heavy I really am. I see myself in my head so much more "me" than the me I see in the mirror. So with some of your tips in my thinking now I am ready to make the inner me and outter me match. Thanks and I will keep reading. :)

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