Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Does Living From Your Authentic Self Really Mean?

Living from your authentic self- it sounds like a spiritual and evolved thing to do, but what the heck does that mean, really?

Let’s try a little experiment.

In a moment I want you to try not to think. Once you stop thinking, wait for the first thought to appear.  When it does, just notice it.  


Who is the you that waited and watched the thought?

You are not your thoughts, as you are not your emotions. 

The authentic you is separate from thoughts and emotions, yet connected; connected to others, and connected to all that is.

You have at times lived from your authentic self.  The experience of time standing still, being completely in the moment without having to work at it, feeling brilliantly alive.   

You inhabit the authentic self naturally when you’re doing something you love, when you’re experiencing life’s most memorable moments, when you connect intimately with others, when you experience extreme pleasure and even extreme pain or physical intensity. 

Living from your authentic self however means consciously choosing it in the moments that it’s not so easy. Moments that are boring and humdrum.  Moments that are uncomfortable.  Moments when your thoughts and emotions are taking you on a roller coaster ride you can’t seem to get off of. 

Why live from your authentic self?

Your authentic self remains constant.  It is unchanged by circumstance, unchanged by your environment, unchanged by your thoughts or your feelings.  The authentic self is always whole, always complete, always there with you. 

Living from that wholeness is freedom.  When circumstance, environment, thoughts and feelings arrive- you are able to notice them and make choices in alignment with your highest good (rather than react or feel trapped by them)

The concept of living more fully from the authentic self  is essential to finding freedom with your body’s health and your emotional wellness in relationship to it.    Being able for the first time to differentiate the authentic you from your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, leads to the ability to begin to get intensely curious about them…what you will learn from being simply curious, will change your life. 

To find out more about the concept of Authentic Self and how it relates to the relationship with your body join me for a discussion at one of my upcoming free tele-classes in November.  For more information and to register visit the Radical Hateloss Workshops & Classes  tab.

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,
but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”
Eckhart Tolle


Ómar Ómar said...

Love the way you put these thoughts in words. I read your article on CF Journal and it was really inspiring. I will start coaching CF in January and your experience gave me a new insight which will help me help others in the same place you've been on.
Keep sharing your thoughts, your voice is a strong one!

Stephanie Vincent said...

@Omar Omar- Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and give me feedback! As a new coach I can tell you, its awesome. Not only do you help others be better, but you also help yourself as well! Good luck and have fun :-)