Friday, September 23, 2011

A Date to the Dentist’s Office

In a sense working out is like a date with your body.  It is quality time with your physical self.   A set time for your attention to be completely focused on it, instead of everything else it your life.  Its purpose is to increase health.  Health in the relationship but also to the health of the individuals you (mental health) and your body (physical health).

What kind of dates are you having with your body?

Are they boring, routine and unsatisfying?

Or are they fun, exciting and rewarding? 
Is working out like a visit to the dentist office?  You go because you need to; to be healthy.  It is not an enjoyable experience and you sure wouldn’t go if you didn’t have to.  Yes, You feel a sense of satisfaction when you’re done and you feel good when you leave (who doesn’t like that sparkly clean teeth feeling?)  But despite the after glow you still need will power to show up for the next visit.  Often you can find all sorts of reasons to reschedule or put off till next week.

Is working out like a date to the dentist office?

You wouldn’t take anyone on a date to the dentist office.

Why not take your body on dates that are enjoyable for both of you?  Dates that are so intrinsically rewarding you forget they are having positive impact on health.  Dates that you can’t wait to go on. 

Working out doesn’t have to happen inside of a gym.  It doesn’t have to involve a treadmill or a magazine (in fact a magazine is probably a sign you are in a dentist office).  Working out can and should be FUN.  It should be intrinsically rewarding…especially if you want it to stay a part of your life long term.  If working out is a means to end alone…there will be an end.

You and your body may not be experienced daters, or only know the way to the dentist office.  So there is only one way to find out what kind of dates will be fun....start trying new things! The possibilities are endless, from yoga to weightlifting, from hiking to yoga, from run clubs to recreational sport leagues, from group classes to a personal trainer.  Don’t settle on anything less than physical activity that is thrilling, that wakes you up and makes you feel alive and brilliantly connected to your body.

When you enjoy working out it will easily become a regular occurrence in your life.  Imagine what regular dates would do for the relationship with your body?  Imagine how you will feel?  How your body will feel? 

Shift your perspective on working out from should to want….from chore to date... and see what happens. 

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Dentist Toowoomba emergency dentist said...

I like how you've used 'date' as a metaphor for working out and dental care. I agree with you. We have to treat it as a date for us to be motivated in doing it. If we see it as an obligation, it will be difficult to force ourselves to doing it.

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