Friday, July 8, 2011

The Relationship with Our Bodies

Our relationship with our body is not unlike our relationship with a significant other.

How we think, speak and act about and towards our significant other directly affects the relationship. If we think only negatively about them, criticise them to our friends and to their faces, neglect them and physically or emotionally abuse them-- our relationship will be filled with struggle, pain, discontent & unhappiness. When we treat another badly, the relationship cannot serve their highest good or our own.

So it goes, in the most intimate of relationships; between ourselves and our bodies. Yet somehow we live under the notion that we can tear our bodies down in thought, word and deed and expect that they will still serve us, that somehow they will be healthy despite how they are treated. How can we expect a good relationship with something we treat so badly?

Stop for a minute and get curious about your own relationship with your body….

What are the thoughts you think most often about your body?

What do you say to your body in my own head?

How do you speak about your body to others?

How do you check in with your body to see what it wants and needs on a daily basis?

How does what you say and do impact your body?

The relationship you have with your body, isn’t one you can choose to give up on. You can either suffer or struggle from now until the day you die or you can start treating your body with unconditional love, respect & dignity.

How would your life be different if the relationship with your body was filled with joy?

How would your life be different if the relationship served both you and your body's highest good?

What if you brought out the best in each other?

What then?

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