Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"What Should I be Eating?"

You’re officially done with restrictive dieting, being tied to a scale, suffering and sacrifice.

Instead you have decided you would rather eat well, for the love of your body. That your physical and emotional well-being on a daily basis isn’t dependant upon your current weight. That you want to experience joy and ease in your personal health.

You may ask yourself, “So, what should I be, or not be eating?” As much as we all would love a simple catch all answer, as with most things in life the answer is different for all of us.

Once you have embraced self-love you will be naturally directed towards experts, advice and behaviors that are in congruence with that love. So be open- open towards the ideas about food and eating that seems to magically appear in your life.

Research those ideas, read the information available, for and against them. It’s important to question convention, and important to take new ideas with a grain of salt. Consult the experts, the ones with degrees as well as the ones with real life experience.

Conduct personal experiments in nutrition. Remove a food temporarily to see how you feel without it. Do a trial of eating a particular way to see how you feel physically and emotionally. Through your experiments, you let your body cue you to what is best for you.

Take all of what you gather into account and then step into your food and eating choices by ultimately following your own intuition.

The truth is there is no such thing as good foods and bad foods. Food simply provides energy to our bodies on a varying scale of personal quality. Quality in how well it fuels our body in the short term and how it sustains our health in the long term. When you love your body, there is no choice but to choose quality, not in one meal or one choice, but the overall scope of how you generally eat in your life- no matter what that looks like.

When you embrace acceptance and self-love, what kinds of foods will you be eating? Whatever you want! You will find that what you want isn’t that same as it used to be.


“The difference between health eating and restrictive dieting is the difference between a work of art and a paint by number. Either way, you end up with a nice picture, until you get a closer look.”
– Dr. Michelle May

Be sure to check out the Healthy Eating vs. Restrictive Dieting list in this article….Brilliant! Thanks to my cousin Alison for sharing the article with me!
I competed in the CrossFit Open Sectionals this year. My main reason for competing was in the hopes that if one of the 6 weeks of competition- my strength, STRENGTH would come up and my score could help my team. On week 3, I was able to do just that, getting the 2nd best score for women in my gym and 581st best score in the world out of 4,000+ scores. Overall I placed #316th in my region out of 398+ females. That score doesn’t seem so impressive, but it wasn’t too long ago that I would even have been able to compete at all, let alone get any more than last place. Open sectionals was a great opportunity to compete in my sport, fall in love even deeper with the CrossFit community, and to celebrate my strengths and be motivated towards my highest potential by accepting and lovingly working on my weaknesses.

Check out my profile on the games page http://games.crossfit.com/athletes/stephanie-vincent.

Photos From CrossFit Open Sectionals: