Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heartstorm of my Truth

I have writer’s block (hence the absence of RH blogposts)

I have all these ideas swimming in my head, ready to change the world for the better but when I go to put them on paper, they seem to come out in a jumbled mess. Today’s blog post is a brainstorm of my TRUTH. I’m not going to shoot for cohesion or organization- just sharing of thoughts and ideas that I feel are important for all of us to think about.

Our minds, bodies and spirits are intrinsically connected, whether we consciously live as if they are. Neglect or reliance on one or another is the cause of our dissatisfaction, unhappiness or suffering.

To be conscious we must first be present, to our beliefs to our ideas to our behaviors- without judgment. It’s the very first step.

Acceptance is essential. Without acceptance, unconditional love of our selves is impossible. Most of us say NO to ourselves all the time, if we try saying YES we might be surprised just would happen.

We cannot care well for a body we dislike, it’s simply goes against the very fiber of our being to care for something we have distaste for. Therefore if we want to be able to care for our bodies we must like them, it’s the only way.

Every choice in life is in love or fear. Every choice in love requires walking bravely through fear instead of with it.

We find all kinds of ways to escape, to find pleasure so that we can avoid our pain. Whether it is sex, drugs, food or anything in between. As long as we keep escaping, we will never know that our pain will only dissipate when we have the courage to face it.

Humans love the present moment. It is where we come alive, where we thrive, where we reach our full potentials. When we are present we use our minds, rather then our minds using us. When we are present, we inhabit our bodies fully and completely. When we are present we connect to our spirit- which connects us to all that is.

Presence takes practice. Epiphany is the start of a great change- but transformation happens over time, through conscious action.

No one will ever arrive at contentment, until they stop trying – look around, and realize they are there.

Life is magical & mysterious. The biggest miracles are the ones that happen everyday, the ones tha are always available when we are ready to see them.

Perhaps that was more of a heartstorm, not brainstorm afterall.