Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Moments that Change Everything

You have got to love those moments…

Those moments where the right words at the right time, allow for transcendence.

Last night I had one of those moments.

When I started CrossFit a little over a year and a half ago I had to do jumping pull-ups, even the biggest assistance band wouldn’t allow me to get my chin over the bar. Eventually I figured out I could use two big bands on the bar up. I worked my way, one band at a time to the thinnest band we call “mental floss.” I have been stuck on the mental floss for about 6 months. I could easily get my chin over the bar kipping with it but not without. Yesterday before class, I went to bar to practice without the band. One of my coaches came over and told me I needed to pull up my knees on the swing. I did and I got higher. Then I tried again and another coach yelled “sit in the chair.” That is when something clicked. A couple more tries and my chin went over the bar. I had done my first legit kipping pull-up.

I have experienced this moment many times in the gym this past year. And every time it happens I am mystified by the experience of it. Something that seemed like it could never happen; all in one moment becomes possible.

Experiencing this with my physical body, has just given me a tangible metaphor for the experience that has happened in my life many times before.

I can think of several times when a book, someone’s words or an event caused an epiphany, which changed the direction of my life forever. All in one moment I magically transcended from a place I had been stuck.

People have asked me if my “radical hateloss” (aka my self-acceptance) happened all in one moment. The truth is it did. I had an epiphany that changed my life forever. It happened all in one moment. But that moment would never have happened, without each step I took prior to it.

My 29 years of struggle, led to that moment. Each failure, each success, and failure again….all led up to where I am today. Those moments prepared me…for the moment when everything changed. When the right words that were offered, I was able to hear them. 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have heard them-- not really.

Whether you are working towards being able to accept yourself as you are, a kipping pull-up or something else, have faith that each step you take is leading you towards your highest possible self and ability. Stay present to where you are, be easy on yourself….and be open to the people, the words and experiences that arrive in your life. You never know when the one will arrive, that will change everything.


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"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."
-Oprah Winfrey

Words cannot express what the accomplishment of a RX kipping pull-up means to me as a Crossfitter. I have set many personal records…but this is one is really special to me. Thanks to Nikki and Jason…for providing the right words at the right time.  I am blessed to have such great coaches at CrossFitKoP!


Amy said...

I'm in the middle of my CrossFit on-ramp process and we learned kipping last week. The whole time, I've been thinking there was no way I'd ever be able to do a kipping pull-up. Seeing your hard work gives me hope for my own journey. Congratulations on such a kick-ass accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Amy-You WILL! :-)

Unknown said...

Great blog entry. Very inspiring. I have had the same experience of a book or a comment from a friend changing everything in a moment.

I wish you a wonderful weekend at your CrossFit training.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ted!! Looking forward very much to my trainging this weekend!!