Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is the 'norm' making us healthier or happier? All answers point to NO!

We can understand that we have to accept a bigger nose, our thin hair or the fact that our calves our disproportionate to our body- because these are things we can’t change (baring cosmetic procedures).
However we cannot accept our body fat percentage, our weight or our dress size if we believe it should be, and can be different than it is.

If we accept we could lose our motivation to be healthy! If we accept we would have no motivation to go exersize or eat well!

Or would we?

Non-acceptance is the norm. Women across the county wage war against their belly fat! They jump a new diet or work out routine with determination. This time they will summon the will power to finally whip their unruly body into submission. They set off- ready to sacrifice the food they would rather eat and to bravely suffer through their workouts (even though they have other things they would rather do)

And then the battle comes to an end, the result is always defeat. It’s a defeat when the belly fat is still there or comes back. It’s a defeat when she realizes she still does not like her body, even minus the belly fat.

Is non-acceptance really making anyone healthier or happier?

All research, statistics and personal experience points to NO.

Is there another way?


We can be healthy…without trying.

We can eat well and exercise with ease.

We can experience JOY in doing the very things we needed will power to accomplish in the past.

We can….with acceptance.

We are not our bodies. None of the numbers associated with them matter. Wholeness is ours in the moment that we choose it.

If we cannot accept yourself the way we look now…..WE NEVER WILL.

We will always be unsatisfied, frustrated, feel less than, and suffer through doing the behaviors that support our body’s health.

If we accept ourselves the way we look now, then (and only then) our healthiest bodies become possible.

Isn’t the chance for true health (inside and out) & joy worth giving acceptance a try?

I think so.

I know so.

“There is more opportunity in pursuing [your weakness], headlong, rather than putting more time in that thing you are already good at. Addressing it will make a difference for you in ways you’ll never be able to predict prior to the experiment."
-Greg GlassmanP.S.

I have just finished an article for and am beginning work on an article for the CrossFit Journal.  Can't wait to share the links with you!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie, would you post on HOW you got to a point of acceptance? Because I hear you, and I would love to say that I'm going to start accepting myself from this minute onward, but the truth is that I have decades of experience dieting, criticizing, etc. that are hard to overcome. Just saying, "Okay, gonna love myself now!" isn't going to change that, as much as I wish it would. I don't think I'm alone when I say that I don't have the slightest clue how to love myself as I am. Can you share how you got to that point?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous! The short answer is: presence. presence is achieved through identifying with your authentic self rather than your ego, your pain, your thoughts. Presence is the key factor that led to my acceptance...and inturn self love. I will most certainy write a blog post with a longer answer. However I say to people all the time: You are aware- you are experiencing dissonance (between what the authentic self knows to be true and what your mind is telling you). This is the first step, in a process towards transformation. Be easy on can and will unfold.