Friday, February 25, 2011

Barbell Love

I love the barbell.

I love the feeling of my hands wrapped around it.

I love the soreness in my thumbs days after an Olympic lift workout from hook gripping the bar.

I love watching the other women in my gym throwing weight above their heads.

I love it because it allows for a physical expression, of the internal strength that’s inside of me and every other women too.

We do the heavy lifting in life- whether we are running our families or our careers, often times both.

We lock our grip on what needs to be moved...and move it.

We may be sore from yesterdays trials, but we come back day after day and do what needs to be done.

When it really matters, we come together, forging circles of women powerful beyond measure.

We are women & we are strong.

You don’t need a barbell to prove it, but if you are fortunate to love the barbell as I do let it be a reminder.

A reminder that you are capable of a unmatched strength to survive, to overcome, to be successful, to stand in the full glory of your feminine strength.



When you truly love and accept your body, you decide that you want what's best for it. And what's best for it is often eating healthy and pushing it to be ...strong and functional. Food and exercise should be joyful activities, not punishment for some imagined idea that your body has committed something wrong by not looking a certain way.

There is no brain/brawn dichotomy. I think the popular view in our culture is to view our body as a vessel for our mind. This vessel must be broken down and bent to our will. But truth is body and mind are integrated and inseparable--they're the same. The health and function of our body affects our mind, and the health of our mind affects our body. A healthy body requires a healthy mind, and vice versa.

-Emily Mattes

My last blog post, “Do we really want strong to be the new skinny?” created some controversy. I think the conversation that it started is an important one, and i hope that we all keep talking. Change starts with the conversation. I’m glad to play a part in that!