Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prelude to The Dance: The Radical Hateloss Edition

The italicized portion of the text below is from the prelude to “The Dance” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

What if it truly doesn’t matter what you do but how you do whatever you do?
How would this change what you choose to do with your life?

It doesn’t matter how you eat or how you move. It matters if you can do it with joy. If joy was what mattered, you would not choose to diet or do exersize that bored you.

What if you could be more present and openhearted with each person you met….how would this change how you spend your precious time on earth?

If you could be more present to your body and accepting of it the way it is, it could be the one thing that would finally allow you to care for your most precious gift.

What if…..the fulfillment of your own happiness is not dependant upon discovering a better method of prayer, technique of meditation… but upon really seeing and deeply appreciating yourself and the world as they are right now? How would this affect your search for spiritual development?

Your health is not dependant upon discovering a better diet or exersize program. It is dependant upon you really seeing how you feel about your body so that you can begin to appreciate that many of those beliefs are untrue. You can then accept the body that you have and become healthy without trying.

What if there is no need to change, no need to try to transform yourself into someone who is more compassionate, more present, more loving, more wise? How would this affect all the places in your life where you are endlessly trying to be better?

You do not need to lose weight, tone up, or get stronger to be happy or to be enough. Focusing on health from a place of accepting the body you have, instead of wanting to change it would allow you to be satisfied in each and every moment, the only way to be your healthiest self.

What if who you essentially are right now is all you are ever going to be? How would this affect how you feel about your future?

Your weight and size has nothing to do with who you essentially are. When you realize this you can begin to love yourself, truly. When you love yourself you take care of your body in each moment, the future (its fears and its expectations) don’t matter.

What if the essence of who you are and always have been is enough? How would this affect how you see and feel about your past?

It has never mattered what you looked like. The people that told you, or showed you otherwise were wrong.

What if the question is not why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but what do I see infrequently want to be the person I am? How would this change what you think you need to learn?

You compare your body to others, to your own body in the past, to the body you think would make you happy. The body you have now, in this very moment is perfectly wonderful; nothing but you is stopping you from believing that. If you cannot be happy with the body you have now, you will never ever be happy with any future body real or imagined.

What if becoming who and what we truly are happened not through striving and trying but by recognizing and receiving the people and places and practices that offer us warmth and encouragement we need to unfold? How would this shape the choices you make about how to spend today?

Becoming truly healthy doesn’t require sacrifice or hard work. It happens when we accept our bodies so that we can love them. When we love them, we are open to the people, places and practices that are in alignment with that love. You will be drawn to the way of eating and the way of moving that best expresses this love every single day.

What if you knew that the impulse to move in a way that creates beauty in the world will arise from deep within and guide you every time you simply pay attention and wait?  How would this shape your stillness, your movement, your willingness to follow this impulse, to let just go and dance?

It’s possible for you to WANT to eat the foods that nourish your body, even if eating the comfort foods had no repercussions. It’s possible for you to WANT to exersize not because you will feel better after it, but because you truly look forward to it. When you are present to your body, it will guide you to what is in its best interest in each moment.

You connection to your body: accepting it, loving it, listening to it is the one thing that will allow you to have the health you desire. It all starts with paying attention, living from the essential you that is separate from your thoughts and emotions. It is the place from which you most want to live. You know you want to. Just let go...and dance!


Don't tell me how wonderful things will be...someday.  Show me you can risk being completely at peace, truly okay with the way things are right now in this moment, and again in the next and the next and the next...
-Oriah Mountian Dreamer

So blessed by the people I am meeting through the CrossFit community.   I am privledged to have connected with a very wise and STRONG lady, Ms. Aileen Ryan on the internet and as of this weekend in person!!  Aileen is a writer on the paleo chix blog and a CrossFit affliliate owner (CrossFit Rising).  She gets what a heavy deadlift is about in body and in mind.  Thanks for welcoming me and my daughter this weekend!!
Aileen & Me after some heavy deadlifting at Crossfit Rising!


equestrian57 said...

Thank you so much for this post. I struggle with these issues all the time. I will come back and read this over and over. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have offered some inspiration!!! :)