Monday, November 15, 2010

What Stands in the Way, Becomes the Way!

Me posing with DT's MOST AWESOME tattoo (and her) at the Bad Ass Bitch Strong Woman Invitational. 
Words to live by!!
Things are going great. You working out, eating healthy, your personal life is in order. You feel spiritually on point. You feel clear, present, colors are brighter, sounds deeper, and you are in tune with the world…

….and then your not. You not eating or moving in the way you aspire too. Things just seem to be going wrong. You feel scattered, distracted like you are out of sync with everything around you.

If you are like me, you have spent a lot of time fighting your feelings of what I call dis-ease. You don’t want to feel down, depressed, off kilter. You hate feeling this way, and you’re not even sure why you do. Maybe some event or some person triggered it, maybe its PMS. Truth is it doesn’t matter why you feel the way you do…not really.

Trying to fight the feelings doesn’t work. The old adage “what we resist persists” rings true. When we feel good we are all for it, but when we feel bad we want it gone NOW! There is another way to be around those negative feelings. Instead of fighting, you can surrender.

The day I found out I needed knee surgery, requiring 4 months of recovery, was a difficult one. I was enjoying Crossfit so much…finally feeling in tune with my body, and I was faced with having to stop temporarily. That evening I cried, and mourned for my loss, I allowed it to be. I didn’t try to convince myself that everything would be okay, or make plans for how I would handle the situation. I let the feelings exist within me. The next morning I easily made the shift into acceptance. Over the next four months I did not actually lose anything. In fact I gained. I gained a serious amount of upper body strength and affirmation that my love of my body was bigger than CrossFit.

Next time you feel down…go with it. Say YES to whatever you feel. Let it get big, expand, fill you. You can literally picture it as a ball of darkness in whatever part of your body you feel the negativity in, and then imagine it getting bigger and bigger, until it fills your entire body. Surrendering like everything else takes practice. Initially it can be quite difficult, but it gets easier each time you choose it.
What you may find is that those negative feelings actually dissipate much quicker, sometimes even immediately. When you surrender, you become fully present in the moment. It is in the moment that everything changes. What you are most afraid of, is no longer scary, feelings once so overpowering, fall away. In the moment all things are possible and our greatest possibilities are realized. What stands in the way (including negative feelings) becomes the way.


“What you most want to get rid of is itself the doorway to what you want most”
-Geneen Roth


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