Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Top Secret: You can achieve your healthiest weight while eating what you want!

In the past I fantasized about being able to eat all the Bread and Chocolate my heart desired without any ramifications on my weight. I jealously watched thin friends, scarf down fast food. I would have given anything to be able to eat food and not have to worry about gaining weight. I suffered through diets; eating a salad but longing for a cheese steak and french fries. I wanted to EAT WHAT I WANTED…I wanted to be healthy without trying, I didn’t want to have to force myself to go to the gym or eat vegetables.!

Sometime wishes do come true. Today I eat what I want. I am healthy without trying. I don’t force myself to go to the gym or eat vegetables …instead I look forward to it. How is this possible? The simple answer, Self-Love.

When you truly, honestly, deeply love your body you WANT to NURISH it. Truly loving yourself gives way to WANTING what is in your highest good.

The concept of self-love is a no brainer, bringing the concept into reality proves to be much harder for us. We all want to be able to love ourselves. We acknowledge it’s important for our health and happiness to love ourselves. Intellectually we grasp the concept. …but for some reason we just….can’t….get it!
Self-love is just a beautiful idea, without the power of presence. To be present is to have all your attention and resources focused in the moment that is occurring; now. When you are present you are naturally aligned with your most authentic self. Your thoughts and beliefs, ego and emotions may still be there but in presence they are no longer YOU. Through presence your perspective on your beliefs about your body can completely shift. Beliefs you have clung onto for decades, can suddenly fall easily from your grasp. You can finally ACCEPT that YOU are BRILLIANT JUST AS YOU ARE. The moment you completely accept yourself, self-love is available.
You can achieve your healthiest weight through a traditional diet, eating what you have to eat instead of what you want to eat. You can suffer and sacrifice to achieve an end, never really feeling satisfied or good enough. Or you can commit yourself to self- acceptance and love…the only path to your healthiest weight lined with true happiness, joy and freedom.


"If you wait until you have Toni Oliver's eyes and Amy Breyer's hair, if you wait to respect yourself until you are at the weight you imagine you need to be to respect yourself, you will never respect yourself. To be given wings, you've got to be willing to believe that you were put on this Earth for more than your endless attempts to lose the same 30 pounds 300 times for 80 years. And that goodness and loveliness are possible, even in something as mundane as what you put in your mouth for breakfast.  Beginning now."

-Geneen Roth


I survived the Warrior Dash on October 10, 2010.  5k and 11 obstacles...mud, fire, water and more.  Another exhilerating experience with my body!