Thursday, September 9, 2010

What are you "weighing" for?

As you may know a big choice I made in the outset of my Radical Hateloss was to not weigh myself regularly. It was in fact one of the most brilliant decisions I made. I had decided that my journey was not about weight loss, so the scale seemed null and void. On top of that I knew it would be impossible to get on the scale without being triggered emotionally. In the beginning it was easier to avoid it completely. For 5 months I didn’t weigh myself. When I finally did at a doctor’s visit, I learned it still held a strong emotional charge. 10 months has passed since then and I have from time to time gotten on a scale. What I can tell you is this; with each time my emotional reaction to those three little numbers has gotten less and less. I have found out that the scale is pretty darn unnecessary tool for improving my health and well being. I would venture to say it is unessicary for most of us.

You don’t agree?

My goal isn’t weight loss, it is to be healthy but weight is an effective measure of health.
False. Weight it NOT an effective measure of health. There are plenty of size sixes who are much unhealthier than their size sixteen counterparts. A healthy weight that is achieved through self-love of the body is going to be a different number for each one of us (regardless of our height). The scale measures your body weight, not your health.

I want to know my diet and workouts are paying off.
Are you dieting and exercising to maintain or lose weight or are you doing it to improve or sustain your physical health? If your answer is HEALTH than what reason do you have to get on the scale? Weight loss does not equal health (see above!) You want to know your diet is paying off….how do you feel? You want to know if your workouts are paying of….how do you perform physically in the gym and in life?

How else would I measure and reward my weight loss goals?
Why is it that you have a weight loss goal? Unless you are a wrestler or an Olympic lifter trying to stay in or get into a weight class I don’t really see why. What in the grand scheme of your life does it matter what number the scale reads? If you feel good, perform well and are healthy….why does it matter what you weigh? When your behaviors are aligned with self-love they are their own reward. I don’t have to reward myself for eating well or exercising. Every time I give my body what it wants and needs I am rewarded. If you need to reward yourself to keep going, you are probably suffering and sacrificing. You don’t have to suffer and sacrifice to be healthy!

I need the scale to stay on track.
I agree. The scale will keep you on “a track.” It will keep you going round and round. Fooling you into thinking you are heading to an end point, You will never reach. Getting off the scale can be vital to getting off the track. Not just physically getting of the scale (although that may be the first step) but getting of the scale in your mind. What if you let go of your “ideal/goal weight”? What if you decided your weight did not matter? What if you truly were able to love the body you had at this moment, because you accepted it? Caring for something you dislike is to be avoided. Caring for the thing you love, is easy and natural and its own reward

I won’t lose weight without the scale.
90 pounds,13 months, no regular weigh ins, freedom and joy- PRICELESS.

Today—right now, this very moment—treat yourself as if you are someone you adore. Someone upon whom you want to lavish love. What do you do? How do you walk? What do you say to yourself? And what do you eat?
-Geneen Roth


Competing in the 5ton5k this weekend.  The workout won't be announced till the day of, but it will involve 5k of running mixed in with 5 tons of throwing/lifting.  My goals: To run (not walk) the whole 3k & to finish the workout.  Scared....but this kind of fear is my favorite to move through!


KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

I LOVE this post!! I haven't weighed in over a year but the one thing I measure (occasionally) is my waist. Five inches are gone since last year!

Anyhoo, I had a little lightbulb moment recently and that is that I my goals and dreams have nothing to do with weight loss or even fitness (even though I love my kettlebell workouts). For far too long I thought that I was supposed to have a goal weight and/or be in the process of training for something. Now that I have let go of those faulty thoughts, and am pursuing my own dreams and goals, guess what? My body is responding in such a nice way :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen! Its quite amazing when we stop trying to become something and just be who we are...everything falls into place. I am in constant awe of this fact!!

Dorothy said...

Steph: Weighed myself this morning. Gained 1 pound since last week. Feeling like a failure! You are so right. But I am afraid to not weigh myself.
I am afraid that one day I will weigh myself and I will have gained 20 lbs without knowing it. Seriously! I think I have a mental problem here.

Anyway! Good luck this weekend. I know you will rock it because you have worked hard and prepared.


Laura Pappas said...

Steph - Congrats on the 5 Ton 5K this weekend that is an awesome accomplishment! Especially after your kneed surgery. Keep going after those goals and you'll achieve them!

Anonymous said...

@Dorothy- its a are aware & that is huge! I think you realize feeling like a failure because of 1 pound isn't rational. now is the time to pay attention to those feelings...explore them, except them...acceptance is right around the corner :-)

@laura- Thanks!! congrats on the olympic are an amazing athlete :-)

AllieNic said...

Thanks so much for this post! I actually had an in depth conversation with my boyfriend about this last night-- I'm a crossfitter and I want to be strong and lift really heavy things, but I still get discouraged when I feel like I'm a certain number on the scale (I say "feel like" because I don't weigh myself.) Just thinking about the fact that I might weigh a certain number can upset me. It's all about owning up to the pressures that I put on myself. This post made me really think-- thanks for the support!

Stephanie VIncent said...

@ ALLIE- So glad it made you think!! Its time for us ladies to start questioning why we all do this, where it comes from and considering making some changes. The first step to change is simply NOTICING. You know it doesn't make any sence. That is your start. Its amazing how you can wake up one morning and believe something entirely different than what you had been believeing your whole life!