Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There Might Just Be a Gremlin in Your Head!

Have seen the classic 1984 movie, Gremlins? If you haven’t rent it (that is if like me you like campy horror films!) If you haven’t seen it or just not for a very long time, I’ll break it down for you.
Gremlins was released in 1984
by Steven Spielbergfilms
A father brings home a cute little mysterious creature for his son, named Gizmo. The creature comes with three important instructions: Do not let it touch water, do not feed after midnight and don’t let it go out in direct sunlight. Although there are no instructions as to why not to do those things, through the movie we find out why. When Gizmo get a little water on him, he multiplies (and his multiples are meaner). When the creatures trick their way into eating food after midnight, they morph into homicidal, ugly, slimy green monsters, AKA Gremlins. And the sun? Gremlins don’t like it…it kills them.

You may have read about Mr. Gremlin in this blog. Mr. Gremlin is what I call that “voice in my head.” You know the voice… It’s the voice that tells you you’re not good enough. The voice that tells you that you have to be this or that before you could be enough. I started thinking about Gremlin’s the movie the other day and started to compare my Mr. Gremlin to the movie version. The analogy I was able to form struck me, and I just had to share. The Gremlin’s depiction in the movie eerily represents how that voice gets power as well as how it its power taken away.

Give a gremlin water and it literally multiples. One belief in our heads based in ego or painful emotions given attention turns into many more. Give a gremlin food after midnight and it turns into a powerful, uncontrollable evil monster. Feed those beliefs by replaying them over and over again and they take over your life. You nourish the voice by giving it credence & believing what it has to say. You identify with it, believing it as true. Like a gremlin the more you nourish it, the more powerful it becomes (or so it seems). It feels like no matter what you do, no matter how many books you read, or therapy sessions you have…its still there killing you on thought at a time.

Like you the characters in the movie are in a fight for their life. They blow them up, crush them, even microwave them, but no matter what they do the Gremlins find a way to come back. They are left battered and bruised, only to have to fight again. If you are like me you have told your voice to “F-off! Go away! Leave me alone.” You have tried to fight it with nice words too, positive affirmations and the like. Despite your best offensive and defensive attacks you are defeated again…eventually. All the fighting leaves you bruised and battered, each time trying again gets harder and harder.

In the last scene of the movie, the Gremlins are about to replicate again when a shade is pulled up shining the dawning sunlight onto the monsters. They die, melting into a puddle of ooze. All the fighting the characters did and all it took was the simplicity of some sunlight coming in through a window to free them from the onslaught of attack. Like gremlins are easily destroyed by light so is the voice easily destroyed by the light of consciousness. All that power that it seems to have is destroyed when you realize the voice….IS NOT YOU! It may seem like you because you have been listening to it for so long, but the truth is that it’s separate. It enjoys the fight, and in the long run it makes it stronger. The voice, like the gremlins depends on the fight, to stop you from doing the one thing that will destroy it…pulling up the shade so that you see its not powerful at all

There is one last analogy from the movie I must address, Cute little gizmo. As cute as Gizmo is, within him lies the propensity for horror and destruction. You seem Gizmo is a gremlin too and gremlin’s (especially the ones in your head) are tricky. We get good at noticing the voice when it makes us feel like shit. However that voice can sometimes fool us cause it make us feel all warm and fuzzy. The voice tells us, “your almost good enough now, good job!” or “your so much better off than you were before!” or “you are atleast better than that poor soul!” My Mr. Gremlin took his true form whenever I was gaining weight. However when I lost weight (pre-radical hateloss), the gremlin looked more like Gizmo. Gizmo cheered for each pound lost, saying “good job, you look so much better, your finally in control, your gonna be thin soon, you…are…almost…good enough”

Beware of the Gizmo Gremlins in your head....tricky little buggers!

My Mr. Gremlin has gotten lazy. His attempts are fewer and far between. Maybe that's because he knows I see his ugly ass and even its disguises. Even so, he is still there looking for his in.  Sometimes he sees an opportunity and makes a go. But as soon as I notice the Mother F-er…I pull-up the shade...and poof...he's a useless puddle of goo.

No matter how big and scary your gremlins may seem…there nothing more than a what a special effect in a movie is, an illusion. When you know this, you can start living a life DIRECTED BY YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF instead of by a powerless illusion!

A final peace of gremliny goodness…The young man in the movie is given his gremlin by a parent. LOL. Ain’t that the truth!


“Look under all the beds. Open all the windows. Cause you never can tell. There just might be a gremlin in your house (OR HEAD).” - Gremlins the Movie


I love this post. Really love it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!


Gastric Bypass Barbie said...

Well, ain't THAT the truth? Especially the part about finding your authentic self. Seems eerily familiar to what I wrote about just yesterday! LOL. I think we are all on the same (micro)wave length. PS -- I had a stuffed Gizmo when that movie came out and, yes, I still watch it if I see it come on the tube. Thanks for the great memories and even better analogy. Stupid gremlins... ;-)

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