Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Body

As summer approaches I’m faced with the fortunate dilemma of a set of warm weather clothing that are too big for me. Last years shorts are size 26W. This year I am comfortably zipping up a 16W, a size I have never worn before (by 7th grade I was in a 24W). This size sits on the bottom end of the “plus sized” (aka W) clothing spectrum. One or two sizes smaller and its goodbye, Lane Bryant & the politically correct titled “woman’s section.” This considering my history is an exciting prospect. It would be so easy for me to get swept up in the idea that I am “almost there.” It is at a time like that that it is imperative that I remember “I am exactly where I want to be”

I used to have a goal about weight and size. With those goals I did sometimes get results, but those results always came with suffering and sacrifice. As I pursued those goals and started losing weight, I lived in fear. Fear of not being able to lose enough weight and fear of not being able to keep the weight off I had lost.

Today my goals are about love and acceptance of my body and with those goals I have gotten immediate results, because in each and every moment love and acceptance is available. I have as a byproduct of those goals lost weight. It is my first experience losing weight with joy and ease. Achieving of my goals is now based in who I am already, not someone I might be later. I have no fear because in each moment lies a new opportunity to be successful. If I lose sight of my goal, in an instant I can achieve it again.

Most people have goals about their bodies. They strive to reach a specific goal weight, muscle tone or pants size. How many people do you know who are satisfied with their bodies? Would you say you are satisfied with yours? Have you ever said “I am truly happy with what I look like.”? It is completely possible to be happy with your physical appearance RIGHT NOW and it doesn't require that you first lose 25lbs, have a six pack or wear a size 6. In this very moment love and acceptance can be available to you. What would happen if your goals were about loving and accepting your body instead of changing it? It is amazing how this shift can make behaviors once so challenging like eating healthy and physical movement so easy (and even fun!)

Measure your success in moments, not pounds and you might just find yourself in the perfect body.


"Our true inner voice, the one that guides us as we navigate the river of our lives, is not critical, demanding, belittling, or humiliating. We know this inner guidance as the whisper of truth that is our gut feeling, the undeniable knowing that a given course of action is the right one for us. It speaks quietly, directing us by a gentle nudge that tells us which way to go in our lives."
-Gail Brenner of A Flourishing Life


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finally finding the right way for you to reach a healthy weight.

I agree completely with this post and your idea of loving and accepting one's self, however, it seems easier said than done.

I can honestly say that I like my body (love is too strong of a word). Even so, I still find myself slipping every so often. I find fear to be a factor too.

So, I guess my question is how does this love and acceptance get you from point A to point B? What makes things different for you now?

Looking forward to hearing your answer.

Primal Mama (PS. I've moved to primalmami.wordpress.com)

Anonymous said...

Thanks primal mami...im with ya...getting from point a to b is easier said than done. I actually hope to get better at explaining this to other people. I think I am going to attempt to answer your question in a upcoming blog post, as much for me as for you an other readers!

thanks for reading :-)