Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Radical Hateloss' Change in Direction

I have to admit something…I have been reluctant to speak on this blog as someone who has answers for anyone but myself. Lately I have been feeling the pull to assert myself as more of an expert rather than just someone sharing her personal ruminations on the web. The very thought of that word….”expert” has caused Mr. Gremlin sightings within my mind. I had almost forgotten about the old bastard, until this change in direction gave him the opportunity to raise his ugly head. Mr. Gremlin (as I wrote about in other blog posts) is the voice inside my head that tries to convince me in various ways that I am not good enough. Luckily I noticed his evil ways at work. Unlucky for him, noticing him is the sole thing that takes away his power. So with Mr. G knocked on his ass, I am ready to step through fear and embrace the role of expert, and thereby shifting the voice of this blog in a slightly different direction.

What stays the same is the fact that I will continue to write from my heart and from my own experiences as they are relevant. No doubt the content will continue to relate to the things that happen in my life. What has changed in the purpose of my writing. I started this blog as a tool for my own self growth. It has and will continue no doubt to help me grow, but as I step into experthood I hope that my posts will become tools to help other people to experience some Radical Hateloss in their own lives, like I have been lucky enough to have in mine.

Under the title Radical Hateloss, it now reads “Inspiring healthy relationships with our bodies through self-love and acceptance.” I am excited at the launch of this new chapter. I would love to hear your feedback and even your topic suggestions. I welcome requests to guest post on related topics. And of course I would love recommendations of more Radical Woman to invite to participate in a Q&A. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at