Thursday, April 29, 2010

News Flash:Dieting Doesn't Work!

I think we can all agree that dieting doesn’t work. Yes, most diets if followed will cause weight loss. However most people experience a lack of motivation to continue before any significant results are attained. Among those who have the sheer will power to continue, and actually lose the weight they wanted too, the sad fact is that most gain back some, all or even more then what they lost. Even after the ultimate forced dieting, gastric bypass surgery I managed to gain back 60lbs.

When we are dieting we have to make a concerted effort to eat things we rather not be eating. We make the sacrifice and give up all the yummy things that we really want. When we do slip and eat the No! No! foods, the guilt eats us! When we are dieting we work hard, it is a constant struggle. We don’t really want to eat this way, but doggoneit we’ll do it because we have to! The effort, the sacrifice, the struggle must be worth it! If we lose the weight we desire, we will finally be happy!!! Right?

Dieting is like a car, a car designed to take us to that happy land of our goal weight. Even though the car is a bitch to drive and is uncomfortable to sit in, we get on board for the ride keeping the destination of “I’ll be happy when…” as the motivation to keep going. Many of us will hate the ride so much, that we’ll jump out a few miles down the road, only to after some time has passed, find another ugly car to get into. But if we knuckle through the ride we eventually reach our destination. Problem is once we get where we are going, next thing we do is get out of the car (AKA stop following the diet.) Why stay in the nasty ass car when you’re where you want to be? The most disappointing part of it all is that when we reach the destination we discover that it’s not what we expected. Even after losing weight we are still not happy and not satisfied with our bodies. It may be slow and subtle but eventually the weight creeps back on, and another hash mark of failed dieting is added to our record.
Why do we continuously fail?  The unpleasant sacrificial guilt ridden eating is impossible to keep up for ever. And even after successfully losing weight we still have a fundamental belief that we are inadequate and not good enough as is. The feelings of inadequacy, especially when we are supposed to be happy, leads to emotional eating, which leads to weight gain . And so goes the vicious cycle.

The good news is that there is a way to lose weight without suffering, sacrifice and guilt. Funny thing is it requires you to let go of the idea of losing weight all togther. Love & accept yourself the way you are and then start living (and eating) from that will be amazed at what can happen.