Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little Less Cheesy!

So you probably know that I no longer eat grains or sugar. What do I eat? Lots of whole foods….vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, seeds and some dairy products. There are plenty of experts that will back up the health of my eating lifestyle. However the choice to eat like this, goes beyond my beliefs about what is most healthy to eat or not eat. I embrace this way of eating more because what it has done for my mental health. This way of eating is, abstinence from my drug of choice (grains and sugars are clearly the addictive part of food). And I experience joy, eating foods that express my self-love.

The process of elimating foods and adding others has been gradual. I have gotten stricter as the months have gone by. Each time I have gotten stricter it has been a conscious choice I have made in love for myself. I have not felt restricted or deprived (I know this sounds crazy but it’s true.) Lately I have been feeling the pull to take things a step further by removing dairy entirely or at the very least cutting back on it..

So you’re probably asking why?

#1- I don’t think we are supposed to be eating dairy, period. No other animal drinks milk past infancy and no other animal drinks another animal’s milk. On the mental health side of things, cheese has become my go to snack. And when I have a bag of string cheese, sometimes I feel like my eating it becomes a little compulsive. I realize I am adding cheese more times then not when I’m cooking. .

It’s making more and more sense to me, to make the change.

So here is the plan….I am going to start by just cutting back. I won’t buy string cheese  on the next grocery shopping trip. I will make my eggs without throwing in mozzarella. I’ll drink my coffee black (already started this!). However I’m not going to be too hard on myself. If I am at a party and the only thing that I can eat is cheese…I probably will have a piece. If my mom cooks and happens to throw a pad of butter in my veggies, I’ll eat em. I’m not going to cross-examine the waitress to find out if my veggies are vegan! I will embrace the 80/20 rule…shoot for 100% compliance, but accept that I’ll probably land somewhere at 80%.

Learning how to eat is a gradual process, one step has built upon another. Every step had been about love for my body and the present moment. It feels great to take care of myself….not because I want to loose weight but because I love me.
How to Maintain a Healthy Weight
by Chris Plentus on Constanly Varied 
"Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."
— Michael Pollan

 My knee feels great.  I am however stretching, going for some physical therapy and using a brace to hopefully avoid a problem in the future.   The crossfitkop blog, spotlighted this video the other day.  Gave me a little change in persepctive!



Christine said...

very interesting! I've been feeling pulled to remove a lot of dairy from the whole family's diet. Cereal with milk for breakfast has ended, and we've cut way down on the cheese.
Good luck with your most recent changes, you're doing beautifully!

StrongLilPony said...

How did you know we would have so much in common?!?! I have conversations with god in my bathroom, tolle cds in my car, rhonda byrne calendar, 4 agreements book! Love love love your ideas- do you know about intuitive eating? Saved me. I'm bookmarking this site, chica! XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments ladies :-)