Wednesday, February 24, 2010

POP goes the PRESENCE!

So the last couple of days I have felt, down right cranky. And it’s not the time of the month where I can blame it on PMS. It all started on Saturday, when getting out of bed, something “popped” in my right knee.

This knee pop was familiar. The first time it happened was in the beginning of the summer of 2008. While tailgating before a concert, I stepped over a parking barrier and it happened. I limped around for the next couple of days. This same thing happened at least 3 more times that summer, including one time when it happened at work (simply turning in my desk chair), that resulted in me not being able to bear weight at all and a trip to the ER. An MRI revealed an inflamed ligament. It hadn’t happened since the end of that summer until Saturday.

It was frustrating when it happened before but this time more was at stake. When would I be able to work out again? What if this happened multiple times, like it did that summer? I felt ANGRY. This had happened gently putting my foot down from a bed. All the ways I have physically challenged my body at CrossFit & I am debilitated getting out of bed! ARGHH!

I simple pop in my knee and the present moment slipped away. Since Saturday I have I been irritable. I have been without tolerance for the antics of my sweet and mischievous toddler. Those grains and sugars, I have given up, have been looking very appetizing.

I am a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason. “What ever stands in the way becomes the way.” (Love this quote; it was on the CrossFitKoP Blog the other day). What gift could this injury have to offer me?

This injury has reminded me that loving and accepting my body, means doing that when it cannot function normally because of injury or illness. That listening to what it needs including rest, means so much more than getting to CrossFit 3x a week. I am committed to honoring and caring for myself and my body in each moment. From moment to moment, year to year, that is going to look different…and that is okay.


Whatever Stands in the way, is the way.
-Denise Thomas



The knee has gotten better everday, and is getting back to normal.  I went to the doctor, got anti-inflamatory cream, a knee brace and have an appointment for a physcial therapy evaluation on Monday.  Not sure when I will return to CrossFit, maybe even tonight, but I will honor my body by scaling exersizes that put stress on my knee for awhile.


StrongLilPony said...

"honor my body"

that is a powerful statement.

me likey!

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