Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Madly In Love With Me Manifesta

In celebration on Madly in Love With Me Day on February 13th, I have written my very own Madly in Love with Me Manifesta.  In celebration of the day, take the time to write your own manifesta and share it with atleast one other woman in your life.  For more ideas about how to celebrate you can get your own Madly in Love With Me Kit.  Without further ado....


I choose self-love, instead of self-hate, self-criticsism and self-doubt.

I choose to take care of myself first, so that I can care for others.

I choose to embrace my passion instead of holding it back or lessening it to make someone else feel more comfortable.

I choose to accept myself completely in every moment, instead of beating myself for who I was in the past or longing for some future me that is think would be better.

I choose to believe that I am whole in this moment - there is nothing I have to change, make better or attain to be my true authentic self.

I choose to focus on my strengths and positive attributes, with a commitment to be the best me that I can be. 

I choose to remember the power of my words, and the perspective that they bring. I am committed to express self-love when I speak about myself to others.

I choose to accept and embrace the things I am not good at, or the things about myself that can use improvement.  In my embrace I will take every opportuntiy to become the best me possible in every moment. 

I choose to stop compairing myself to other women, including the woman I was in the past.

I choose to create my life from a place of love, rather than fear, that allows me to act in my highest good.

I choose to not base my self-worth on the number on the scale or by my pants size, my success is not measured by smaller numbers, rather by each moment that I love and accept myself. 

I choose to look at difficult situations and challanges as opportunities for growth, instead of setbacks.

I choose to go bravely through my pain and my emotinal wounds, instead of seeking escape through temporary and destructive measures.

I choose to learn from the stories of my past, but not to dwell on them or recreate them.

I choose to be open to all possibilities, there are no limits on what I can achieve.  I am open to the universe and the gifts it has to offer.

I choose to listen to my bodies cues,  like when to eat, when to rest, when to move.

I choose to listen to my own intuition, trusting in my own authentic self. 

I choose to put food in my body that is whole and nurishes its health.

I choose to give my body movement, so that it is functional, strong and beautiful.

I choose to experience joy when I take care of my body, not sacrifice.

I choose to be a role model for self-love for all woman kind, even more importantly I choose to be a role model for my daughters. 

Madly In Love With Me Day is Feb 13!

"For everything I do for everyone else, I balance it with doing something for myself"
-Christine Leisure of Color Me Pink



In celebration of my my radical hateloss and the physical transformation it has given me (as well as my 30th birthday coming in March), I had some pictures taken by Tabetha Jacobus of  They came out great, I look strong and beautiful...and I love it! CHECK OUT THE SLIDESHOW!


Christine said...

Your manifesta is wonderful, your pictures are gorgeous and I'm so glad I came across your blog! You're already in my blog roll and I can't wait to read more.
P.S. Thanks for the linky love!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine!! Look forward to reading yours too!!

Teen Girls said...

I love your manifesto, there are some really good vows to take into consideration. And your pics, you look beautiful, strong and so happy! Brava!

Margarita Tartakovsky said...

I absolutely love your manifesta! It's so inspiring. I'm going to link to it in my post tomorrow with Christine Arylo's Q&A.

I'm also linking to your Q&A with her, which is great.

And your pictures are gorgeous. I can't believe you can hold that crazy bar with one hand! That's amazing!

Thanks for another uplifting, insightful post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks glad to be waging the war for self-love along side you...look forward to reading your post and posting your q&a on radical hateloss!!

Strong Lil Pony said...

Holy bejeezy- my mouth dropped open. I needed to find this site. wow. I am very grateful right now - thank you for posting on paleochix, stephanie!

Roxie said...

Love this post. I'm linking to it as my Link that I love.