Monday, January 11, 2010


New Years and its trimmings of goal setting and resolutions, has got me thinking. In the past I have made a lot of goals trying to get something I didn’t have (like a thin body). I can honestly say those goals worked about 0% of the time. However, over the past four months essentially my goal has been to love and accept myself (especially my body) so that I could become more present (my life’s purpose). The difference between this goal and goals of the past is that it is based on what I already have, instead of something I didn’t. With this goal of self love & acceptance, I have achieved the best body of my life (so far) and for the first time a healthy relationship with food. Even more miraculously I achieved them without effort & with a whole lot of JOY!

The proof is in the pudding as they say, so it goes without saying that loving and accepting myself will remain my main goal in 2010. If that goal brought such amazing rewards in a few short months, I can only imagine what it can bring in the future. I have started to think about things that I previously didn't think were possible. Things like having a shapely body and being able to do Crossfit workouts as prescribed. They may seem out of reach in this moment. There is plastic surgery (to remove excess skin) and its cost between me and a shapely body. As well as many workouts and growth between me and being able to do all workouts as prescribed. Despite those discrepancies I now know that these things are possible. I also know that getting to them will require honoring what I have in this moment and each subsequent moment. The possibilities are not my focus, but thinking about them definatly is important. 

Months before my current transformation, I did some visioning about my life in life coaching. Reading it now brings tears to my eyes. I am emotional because of the fact that vision has now manifested in my life. Creating that vision put my intentions out the universe, and through the present moment I have been able to see those intentions realized. I have believed for a long time that people create all things in their life. Usually this is done unconsciously, but great power comes to a person who does it consciously. (for more on this read Conversations with God or The Secret). Visioning and setting intentions are powerful things, however their full power lies when they are coupled with living in the present moment. For 2010 I have put a new vision to out to the universe. Not only do I love and accept my body in this vision but I also have the healthiest, fittest and most shapely body possible in each moment. The possibilities are truly endless.

What is possible for you?


There’s nothing wrong with goals and trying to fulfill them – as long as the main focal point of your attention remains the present moment. It’s like being on a journey and knowing where you want to get to, but realizing at the same time that the entire journey ultimately consists of one step – the step you’re taking at this moment. That one step is all there ever is, and so you give it your fullest attention. In other words, the step you’re taking now is primary, the destination – the goal – is secondary. If the destination becomes primary, you will become stressed and anxious and you will miss life. You will suffer, and the destination will not make you happy even when you get there, when you attain your goals.
-Ekhart Tolle

  Down from a size 26 to a size 20 :-)
It's not about the numbers, but they are just the proof that presence works!  

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Teen Girls said...

Great way to look at things. Congratulations on your success thus far, definitely the result of your healthy outlook.