Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Accept the Suck!"

“You have a task to accomplish, so do it. Yes I know that every workout is hard and I know that you hate running and I know that the bar hurts your delicate hands, but there comes a time when we have to nut up or shut up…or both. CrossFit is constantly varied, so the odds are that you will see some workouts you hate. That’s why it’s CrossFit and not alltheshityoulikeFit. When you come to CrossFit, be ready to work. Come prepared to face all those pains and things you hate head on. Accept the suck.”
                                   - Forrest of CrossFit SouthBay

Have days like this?

Today I read the above quote in an article entitled 10 ways to be a better Crossfitter (thanks jason!)  This quote  above is from #3. Don’t Whine, and it’s the part of the article that made me really start to think. I started to think about how my decisions in the past to “hate something” or that “I was not good at something” completely limited the possibility of what I was capable of. One simple example is from school. At some point I decided I hated grammar. Then year after year, each time it was addressed English class, I bitched I hated it. I bitched so much each time, I never learned it. Till this day I really don’t know, where, to, put, a comma! I am not a stupid person, and I think I am fully capable of proper comma placement. It was my decision (and the whining that came with it) to hate it and that I wasn’t good at it, that kept me from reaching my potential.

Sounds a lot like my pervious relationship with fitness, doesn’t it? From elementary school I decided I did not like gym class that I was not good at it….and that is exactly what I continued to validate until the fates aligned and CrossFit dropped into my life. Almost miraculously, I have found out over the last couple months that I am good at gym class (A.K.A. CrossFit!) after all. I am good at lifting heavy weight and learning form, I am pretty good at rowing and I am good at the mental part of CrossFit (pushing my limits, not quitting, taking one rep at a time). Recently my scores on most WODs are not always dead last (on strength days, I’m even at top of the class!), and if I am last it’s not by very much. Unlimited possibilities about what my body can be and what I can accomplish physically have opened up to me. I am finding I am capable of much more than I though since I stopped saying I wasn’t fit, stopped hating exercise and seeing it as a chore, as something I had to do, but didn’t really want to do.

I still whine (ask my family, I’m quite good at it.) I know that I have said on many occasions at CrossFit that I am not good at body weight exercises. In particular I bitch about how I am so slow at burpees. If I keep it up, I will get just that….not being good at body weight exercises and burpees. Instead, I will look at workouts with burpees and other body weight exercises as opportunities to get better at them, taking joy in the chance to be able to work on them, to improve. Most of all I will accept my current abilities and love myself for being able to accomplish what I have thus far.

“ACCEPTING THE SUCK” isn’t just about exercise though. It’s about so many things in life. Whining about what you lack, aren’t good at or what you don’t like about your life puts the damper on possibility. We are stuck like hamsters in a wheel, hating and creating more to hate…hating and creating more to hate. Our lives will never be a string of joyful moments…there is always going to be SUCK in between. It’s whether we choose to resist or accept the SUCK that makes the difference. When we accept, we open that is the door to the possibility of are wildest dreams and wishes. It’s amazing to me how acceptance and love is the answer to so many things that SUCK. I am so excited to apply this philosophy to all aspects of my life, each moment at a time.


"Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally"
- Ekhart Tolle
Gotta start lookin at the hand of the time we've been given
here this is all we got and we gotta start pickin it
every second counts on a clock that's tickin'
gotta live like we're dying
-Kris Allen


Melanie said...

This is a great blog Stephanie. I hear myself complaining about things like kettlebell swings and feel frsutrated that I am not good at them. I always thought I would be decent at them which makes it more frustrating when I come to find that I SUCK at them. So instead of whining, I need to accept the SUCK and take each WOD that includes kb's as an opportunity to make it SUCK less. Thanks for reminding me to stop complaining because it can truly become a barrier to success. See you at the box soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mel...I am embracing the phrase "YAY BURPEES" on a whole new level!

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