Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Check out my Q&A with Margarita Tartakovsky,MS on her blog "Weightless"

I would like to share with you, today's post on the blog "Weightless" by Margarita Tartakovsky, MS on psychcenteral.com.  I am so excited to be sharing this becasue it is a Q&A  about over coming emotional eating with ME!!

I am so thankful that Margarita has allowed me to share my story with her readers.  The more I learn about self-love and the power of the present moment, the more I want to share that with others.  Margarita's blog is really fabulous, she is clearly doing her part to help people start to love and accept themselves.  I highly encourage, everyone to become regular readers!

I cannot say thank you enough to her for giving me this opportunity and also for doing the great work she is doing in the world!

Check it out:


donkey said...

this Q&A session was amazing--kudos to you, Stephanie! you've done a lot of inner work; i aspire to your level of self awareness and introspection.

Anonymous said...
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