Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whole Eating for the Whole Famliy?

Over the past three months I have removed from my diet refined sugars and grains, which takes most processed foods off the table. I have added 10x more vegetables than I have ever eaten in my entire life. I am feeling healthier than ever and my relationship with food is the best it has ever been. And to top it all off….I am truly enjoying the food I eat! I am however, starting feel a little guilty about not trying to effect some health changes in my home, especially for my children. As I become more and more strong in my convictions about sugar and processed foods, the more I feel it is in their best interest that I attempt to make some changes. I haven’t made significant changes yet for several reasons. Let me list the ways:

1. We live with my mom; she cooks often, sometimes buys groceries and is set in her ways!
2. My two eldest children are 11 & 19 – old enough to complain….a lot.
3. Buying “whole” foods is more expensive on our limited income, going organic seems complexly far fetched on my budget! Not to mention, I have learned through my life that shopping for bargains wins over shopping for quality.

Despite these challenges I feel I like I can go no further with my own health with out also trying to make some changes about the culture of eating in our home. When contemplating making changes, I also have to consider that it is important for me to stay grounded and down-to-earth. Because let’s face it, we live in a world full of processed foods and sugar and I don’t want to be that mom who’s kids go crazy when they see sugar cause they are never allowed to have it! I know we cannot go from a place of no boundaries with sugar and processed foods to an organic whole foods family over night. I know if I push too hard I will be met with a whole lot of resistance.

When it comes to my children I have a responsibility to set boundaries for them in all areas, including those related to their physical health. Growing up, I believe I learned very little about boundaries. I am at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to knowing how to set healthy boundaries for my kids. The important thing is that I have started to model a healthy relationship with food and my body, which is absolutely essential in helping them do the same. In addition to modeling, it may be time to start making some healthy boundaries around food in our home. I have to remind myself to take one step at a time; small changes can make a big impact. I am confident that as long as these boundaries are based in love and not fear they will impact my family in positive ways.

or more info about my new way of eating....check out Mark's Daily Apple or read The Primal BluePrint By Mark Sisson.


Jane said...

Steph - This might help - They've written a book, but their website is loaded with helpful information on how to help kids choose the better things, what brands are healthier and lots of other stuff.

With the older ones, I used to use a trading system - for every couple of good things they ate, they could have some of the treat stuff. Teaching them to make good choices is the important thing - you and your Mom won't always be there to buy and fix everything.
PS I know about dealing with Mom - ask me about cooking for my Dad sometime. :)

A-Web said...

Wow. I love your blog. And I am not a "lover" of blogs. You have insight and are not afraid to post what has worked and what has not. I feel really good being Vegan - but I still sometimes have refined sugar/wheat... ugh! I do feel a difference when I do. If you are interested in a good cookbook and website for cooking of "10x the veggies", check out the Veganomicon, and/or

And keep up the Crossfitting! I finished my second 'ofocial' WoD this morning. Yay for ring push-ups and kettle ball snatches! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions sunsail...

And THANK You Rev. Weber....coming from you those compliments are extra special. As for crossfiting, I have drank the cool aid...I'm hooked!

Teen Girls said...

Great blog you've got going here! I feel the same way about giving my kids some of the stuff that I do not allow myself. I'm constantly working on improving their diets, little by little.

Anonymous said...

Thanks primal momma!! It is all a work in progress!!

Unknown said...

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